Advocate Helps Young Mother In Uganda Slum

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Advocate Helps Young Mother In Uganda Slum

When identifying a need becomes an opportunity to make an impact.

Two weeks ago we wrote about a story where the children from Wando International’s babies’ home organized a community outreach.

They visited the home of a young mother named Liz who had just given birth to a baby girl.

She was living in the slum and in need of all the things that go along with having a newborn.  Her baby girl hadn’t even been given a name yet.

Shortly after we published that story we were approached by the woman already advocating for Liz’s two younger brothers, Peter and Paul.

She reached out to us and asked if she could help Liz by providing her with some baby clothes, blankets, or anything else the family might need.

Advocate In The U.S. Helps Woman In Uganda

This kind of approach is exactly what it means to being an advocate:

To identify a need and do what’s in your power to help.

This advocate in the U.S. had the ability to pull from her resources and make a donation aimed at helping fill Liz’s specific need.

Working with Wando International social workers, she was able to bless and provide for Liz and her family.

Baby clothes, blankets, towels, bed sheets, cleaning detergent, bathing soap and food!


Baby blankets, clothes, and bedding.


Sweet dresses for Liz’s baby girl.



Food for the family.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

An incredible blessing for this family.  They were beyond thankful.

Liz has finally chosen a name for her little girl as well…Isabella!

We’d like to thank the many wonderful advocates working alongside Wando to help those in need in Uganda.

We appreciate you so much!

Becoming an Advocate simply starts by choosing a vulnerable child or woman stricken by poverty and then assessing their needs through our free online messaging portal.

Build a relationship first, and then try to help if you can.  Kind words can be just as encouraging!

Advocate for a Child!                            Advocate for a Woman!




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