Babies Home Outreach Team Visits New Mom

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Babies Home Outreach Team Visits New Mom

Mother of newborn gets a visit!

It’s no secret that Wando International is all about building personal relationships with members of the communities we serve.

What’s even better about that is we instill these same values in the children we raise at our babies’ home orphanage in Uganda.

From the youngest little ones to the biggest big kids we raise them up to make loving acts of service a part of their daily lifestyle.

Each week the kids make a team of who’s going into the community to serve.

This week’s outreach team:

  1. Sarah
  2. Amina
  3. Derrick
  4. Bibi
  5. Immatulate

Then they decide who it is they should see!

Kids From Babies’ Home Orphanage Visit Mother of Newborn

The kids felt the need to visit Ms. Auma Liz who just recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Liz had previously worked for the organization last year and is the older sister of Peter and Paul, two of the best students attending Wando Int.’s Primary School in Uganda.

Liz and her family currently live in the community of Upper Navah, which is by definition a slum.  The house where they live is very small with dirt floors, and only meant to be a temporary structure.  They live day to day having no security from being forced to leave at any time.

The babies home outreach team had 3 objectives for their visit:

  1. To strengthen the bond between community, family, and team.
  2. To share the word of God through service to the family.
  3. To show the family they are loved and cared for.

Immatulate, Sarah, Amina, Derrick and Bibi were able to serve Liz and the family by fetching clean water and picking out greens for them to cook.  They also helped by washing some of the newborn’s clothes which was quite a relief to Liz and her mother.

The team spent some time in prayer with the family as well, asking for God to watch over this beautiful little baby girl who just came into this world.

Auma Liz and her newborn girl.


The team of kids praying with Liz and her family.

Liz has yet to pick a name for her little one, but is hopeful the right name will be revealed soon.

The children from the babies’ home will continue to reach out to Liz’s family, seeing if there are any immediate needs they can help with.

They’ve already embraced Liz’s baby as their newest little sister.

To learn more about our babies’ home outreaches go to:

Teaching Kids to Outreach

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