Child in the Slums Rescued

Baby Boy Abandoned on the Roadside Doing Amazing Now

Two years ago Ugandan authorities came to Wando International’s office looking to find some refuge for an abandoned child.

His name was Jeremiah.

Jeremiah was like any other normal baby boy except that he was in a dangerous situation.  His mother, being mentally ill, was refusing to breastfeed Jeremiah and he was becoming more and more malnourished by the day.  It was clear that she was unfit to care for him.


Jeremiah when he was first brought to the home.

There were even several reports that she had abandoned baby Jeremiah on the roadside.

Members of the community reported this and the police immediately brought baby Jeremiah to the Wando Babies’ Home.

That was on August 8th, 2014 and Jeremiah has been with us ever since.

Jeremiah’s journey to recovery has been great.

He is a healthy, loving boy who loves to run around and play with his siblings at the home.  Our foster moms and caretakers have essentially nurtured him back to health.  Jeremiah is now developing mentally, socially, and emotionally!


Jeremiah and his sisters at the home.

We are blessed to be able to watch Jeremiah’s transformation.

He has every opportunity to thrive now!

To learn more about Jeremiah’s story and stay updated on all his progress go to:

Jeremiah’s profile and Click Follow!

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