Graduation Day For Students in Uganda

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Graduation Day For Students in Uganda

Congrats Students Of Marah Primary!

Hooray!!  The kids did it again!

Another awesome school year successfully completed.

This was the FINAL WEEK for students at Wando’s Primary School, which is provided as a free resource to education and meals to vulnerable children living in the slums of Njeru, Uganda.

Today we had the HONOR of celebrating their achievements along with the rest of the teaching faculty, local community, and of course, extremely PROUD PARENTS.

Everyone gathered to watch as our students, from Nursery classes all the way up to Primary Six, put on a special dance performance, gave speeches, and walked in their graduation gowns.


Special Student Recognition

The special moment at today’s graduation ceremony was seeing our very own Amina, who is cared for at Wando’s Home for Rescued Children, graduate out of Nursery Class up to Primary Level education.

Why was it so special?

Because AMINA suffers from learning impairment, which has kept her from being able to progress at the same rate as her peers.

Today Amina received the Special Recognition she deserved for her personal achievement at Marah Primary School.

As you can tell, Amina couldn’t help but BEAM with pride.


Uganda Students Break For Holidays

While our Primary Seven students started their break the beginning of November after completing their National Exit Exams, we’re still waiting for their official scores to be released.

The grading of  those exams won’t be completed until January 2018, so we’re remaining patient until the day we can report to everyone how well they did.

No worries there though, we’re absolutely confident that they did AMAZING.

Now that the 2017 school-year is finally finished, the rest of Wando’s 300 students are breaking for holidays.

And OUR PRIMARY GOAL is to ensure we can keep providing these children an education…children who are not afforded this opportunity otherwise.

In order to make that happen for 2018, THESE CHILDREN NEED someone advocating on their behalf for their continued education AND encouraging them to keep moving forward.

How To Keep Vulnerable Students In School

Ensuring continued education AND family support for children experiencing Extreme Poverty is accomplished through our CHILD ADVOCACY PROGRAM.

SELECTING A STUDENT to write to, encourage, AND sponsor in school is all done through our free online platform, where you can create your own personal fundraiser to cover their basic needs.

ANY personal contribution OR donations made by your community of friends and family in the amount of $30/month will provide a vulnerable child with:

  • Continued education
  • 2 meals a day
  • An Assigned Case Manager

And you with:

  • Updates on your child’s well-being.
  • Personal messaging platform.
  • A Dedicated Case Manager to work with you to help you meet your child’s needs.

Wando International is looking for people to come alongside us as Child Advocates and help us serve the needs of these children.

If you would like to GIVE THE GIFT OF EDUCATION to a child in need, please register to BECOME A CHILD ADVOCATE today! 

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