Healthy Children At Uganda Orphange

Healthy Children At Uganda Orphanage

Our #1 priority is providing the best possible care for these children.

There are 20 beautiful children being cared for at Wando International’s babies’ home in Uganda.

Each of them come from backgrounds ranging from abuse, to neglect, and even to being abandoned all together.

The babies’ home is our way of rescuing these children from any further harm and placing them in a safe, loving environment.

Besides providing for all their basic needs like:

  • Balanced meals
  • A clean home
  • Foster mothers and aunties

Wando also provides a ’round the clock, on-call nurse named Hatika!


Nurse Hatika and the kids.

Nurse Hatika is dedicated to seeing that each child’s individual health needs are met.

Hatika comes to the home at least two to three times a week to check up on the kids.

If there is a ‘sicky-poo’ in the bunch, she comes every day to ensure medication is being taken at the right times and in the right way.

She’s even worked with our mamas to help build a balanced meal plan and specialized diet for those who need it.

Nurse Hatika just updated us on her latest visit to the orphanage, and the kids all received a clean bill of health!

This is always music to our ears!

All we ever want is to see our little ones with smiles on their faces and energy to burn.

We appreciate all the time and effort the Wando team, including Nurse Hatika, puts into ensuring our kids are healthy and loved.


We love healthy kiddos!

To learn more about Wando’s dedicated nurse, go Here and watch a video where she talks about her work with the organization.




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