Let the Games Begin!

It’s game time at the Babies Home!

Why, you ask?!

Well, first of all games are fun, but also because this is the last week of holiday break before school starts up again!

With Term three just around the corner the holiday program at the babies’ home is in full swing, and the kids are taking full advantage.  Having idle time is no option for our rambunctious little ones.  They’ve got to stay on the move – learning, active, playing, running, whatever it is that will burn up some of that never-ending energy.


In order to keep up our Nursery Program Director, Carol, has put together a holiday program filled with fun activities  for the kids to engage  in.  They’ve been learning new songs, doing educational activities, and even learning new games that you might be familiar with. One of these games is called “Rounding Chairs,” but you’d probably recognize it as Musical Chairs.


Fun activities at the babies home.


And of course a summer break wouldn’t be complete without a good ole’ fashioned sack race!  Here’s Caleb, David, Alaina, and Josiah racing to the finish line.  Oops!  Looks like Caleb has had a bit of  stumble. C’mon Caleb! Get up, you can still make it!


Sack races

We hope these kids soak up every last bit of summer break before returning to school.


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