Marah Primary Students in Midterms

//Marah Primary Students in Midterms

Exams in Session!!

It’s hard to believe that we’re in Midterms already!

Doesn’t it feel like school just started back up again?!  It sure does to us.  Well, the end of Term 3 is quickly approaching now and the students of Marah Christian Primary School are working hard to pass all their classes and do well on their exams!

The number one focus on everyone’s mind is graduation.

Students and teachers are going that extra mile to make sure everyone succeeds.  We have many students who are in great shape for passing up to the next grade.  And those students who are struggling with certain subjects, our teachers have been committed to spending the extra individualized time needed with them.  We want no student left behind!


Pamela in the middle of acing her exams.



Nursery Middle class students pushing through testing.

Once Midterms are over, the rest of the school year should fly by!  By early December results will be in, and the boys and girls of Marah will be able to rest easy going into their holiday break.  Hard work pays off!  And our kids are on the road to reaping the benefits of all that hard work.  Keep it up guys!!  We’re proud of you!!


Marah students in full concentration to do well on exams.


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