New School Year Begins For Children In Slum

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New School Year Begins For Children In Slum

It’s back to school time!!

Unlike most schools in Uganda which are government run, Marah Christian Primary is a school that Wando International has essentially adopted as a way to provide a service to a community overcome by poverty.

Government operated schools typically have extremely high fees, so being that the community where our school is located in the slum area of Njeru, most parents if not all would never be able to afford these costs.

This is why many impoverished families opt to send only one of their children to school.  Most times they will choose to send a son over a daughter leaving many young girls to grow up without any education.

This of course leads to all sorts of other problems for girls and young women who have no way to provide for themselves.

At Marah Primary there are 275 students and the ratio between boys and girls attending is 50/50.

Wando International provides a free education to children who come from the most vulnerable families…those who survive on earnings the World Health Organization considers to be extreme poverty.

Kids In Ugandan Slum Start School

After a long holiday break the students are back at it for 2017 and ready to take care of business.

Our amazing kids have just wrapped up their first week at Marah!

There’s also been the new grade level P7 added!  This is an important year for the students going into P7 because this will be their final year in primary level education.

At the end of this year P7 students will be taking a set of national exams which will determine if they can move on to secondary level classes.

So of course our top priority for these particular students will be to ensure they are fully prepared and ready to ace their exams.

Other ongoing activities at the school will include Bible studies and weekly community outreaches where teams of students go out into their community to build relationships.


P2 students waiting to start their lesson.

We can’t wait to share with you all the good works these kids do throughout the year!

To check out some of these good works go to:

Slum Community Outreach Report

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