Nonprofit Effort to Reunite Vulnerable Children with Families

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Nonprofit Effort to Reunite Vulnerable Children with Families

Reuniting Mothers and their Children

Wando International’s core mission is to SERVE the needs and EMPOWER the most vulnerable.

Women and children are our focus because they are the most negatively affected in areas of Extreme Poverty.  Specifically, Widows and Orphans.

Nearly five years ago we opened up the doors to a home in Njeru, Uganda for children coming from desperate circumstances.

Either they had been abandoned on the side of the road, left for dead, OR they were in households where they were being neglected and abused.

Wando International has rescued many children like this over the years, and we’ve gladly taken on the role of Guardian for them.

There are, however, children we’ve welcomed into the Babies’ Home  who DO have a parent that loves and WANTS to care for them.

Usually it’s a mother, already doing ALL she can to raise kids on her own.  She’s either been abandoned by her children’s father OR widowed, leaving her with NO SUPPORT and NO MEANS to earn income safely.

Rather than let her child succumb to becoming extremely malnourished and lacking medical attention, putting their very life at risk, she’s forced to make the hardest decision of her life.

If she can’t find help from a financially secure relative, her last resort is to seek help from the authorities in Child Services.

This was the case for widowed mother of three, Anite Agnes.

Child Brought to Orphanage May Be Resettled

With the help of Child Protection Services, Anite brought her 4 year old son, John, to Wando International’s babies’ home in 2013.

We were fortunate enough to offer help to this mother in desperation and take John in.

John was nursed back to health and has been developing with us the past three years.

Part of the Care Plan for John AND conditions for him living in the home, was to incorporate ongoing assessments of Anite, working with her and tracking her progress towards becoming self-supporting.

Our Social Workers have been facilitating Home Visits with Anite on a regular basis, and it’s now looking like resettlement is becoming a MUCH GREATER possibility.

Over the course of this year, Anite started working full-time hours in a much more stable position.  She no longer has to sell fried pancakes along the side of the road.

She’s also now married to a new husband who has been the provider for the family AND happily fulfilling the role of stepfather to Anite’s two other children, who have also been resettled with her.

Together, Anite and her husband have gotten to a place where they are providing fully for the needs of the family.

Their home is just a 5 minute walk from a primary school where John can attend, and 10 minutes down the road from a medical clinic.

There are plans for another home visit next week, and this time our Case Workers will be doing the assessment with our District’s Child Protection Officer.

Anite and her husband are looking forward to start preparations for John to come home.

WE are happy that Resettlement is not only the GOAL FOR CHILDREN who have a living parent, but is a reality that CAN BE ACHIEVED with ongoing mentoring and guidance.

For those children at the babies home who don’t have any living relatives, the need for their support to remain safe in our home is great.

Most don’t have a mother like Anite to be given the same opportunity of resettlement.  They will remain in our home where WE CAN ENSURE their safety.

For these children, we look to our Child Advocates for support.

We give our Child Advocates the unique opportunity to not only bless a child by meeting their physical needs at the orphanage and school, but to ENCOURAGE them through our advocacy platform.

To Learn more about how you can build a relationship with a child, AND meet their needs physically, emotionally and spiritually, Please Visit CHILD ADVOCACY PROGRAM


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