Nursery Kids From Orphanage Start School

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Nursery Kids From Orphanage Start School

The children are ready to move up!

Well the time has come.

Our sweet little ones from the babies’ home orphanage are ready to start attending primary school!!

I know…we can’t believe it either.

They just grow up so fast!  (weeping softly)

But we couldn’t be more excited for our kiddos who get to enter into the kindergarten classes at Marah Primary School in Uganda.

So who’s moving up exactly?

Nursery Girls Starting Primary School


From left: Alaina, Claire and Grace.

Nursery Boys Starting Primary School


From left: Charles, Caleb and David.

These cutie boys and girls from the babies’ home have proved themselves ready to take it to the next level!

School starts this week so we are rooting for them to do well and praying the transition goes smoothly for them.  We know they will do great!

To receive updates on how any of these children are doing in school or at the home just click on their name, and once on their profile page CLICK THE FOLLOW BUTTON!!

Charles                     Caleb                     David                     Alaina                     Claire                     Grace

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