Outreach Helps Vulnerable Family In Need

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Outreach Helps Vulnerable Family in Need

Commitment to serving needs in the community.

As an organization, Wando International, remains engaged in our local communities and is committed to serving its individual members.

One of the ways we do that is through ongoing community outreach.

We have several teams dedicated to serving specific families that are vulnerable in the community.  One of these families is the home of Kiden Joyce, a grandmother to three children who attend our Primary School.

Paul, Rachael and Mark began living with their grandmother Joyce a few years ago after their mother died.  Joyce has been doing her best trying to provide for them, but has had trouble looking after each of their individual needs.

The oldest child, Paul, is living with HIV which needs constant monitoring of his medication and nutrition.  Living in the slum has made it extremely challenging to do this adequately.

Last week when the outreach team visited Joyce and the kids, they discovered that their home was infested with bed bugs.  This was making life absolutely unbearable for them, especially for the kids as they were trying to sleep at night.

The team quickly organized a plan to come back and spray the home.

Outreach ‘Team Joy’ Members:


Team Joy is comprised of primary students ages ranging from 13 to 17 years old, and who have shown exceptional leadership abilities and a desire to serve their own community.

With the help of Wando International’s case management team, Emmanuel, Rose, Lidya and Frank came back this week and sprayed Joyce’s home to exterminate the bed bugs.


P6 student Lidya helping to prepare spray the home.

Spraying the home for bed bugs was just the first step to helping this family.

The members of Team Joy will be back to follow up and see if the extermination was successful, as well as to continue fostering their relationship with Joyce’s family.

While this immediate need to help Joyce and the kids sleep better at night was addressed, their family is still extremely vulnerable where they currently live.

Our Advocacy Program is a way to aid these outreach efforts and help fill more of the needs this family is experiencing while living in extreme poverty.

To aid Team Joy and help Joyce’s family further, become an advocate for one of her three grandchildren.

They each attend our school and have case managers you can work with directly to help assess their needs.

Learn more about our Advocacy Program HERE, and register to advocate for RachaelPaul, or Mark to make a long-term impact in their lives.

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