Outreach in the Slum Follow-Up

Outreach in the Slum Follow-Up

The home of Kiden Joyce.

Last month we got a report from our outreach team in Uganda, that there was a family living in the slum in need.

It was the home of Kiden Joyce, the grandmother and sole caretaker of 3 students attending our Primary School in the community of Njeru.

Their home was completely infested with bed bugs, and Joyce had NO WAY to cover the costs of having the house fumigated.

After assessing the situation, our student outreach team, TEAM JOY, did something about it.

With the help and guidance of their leaders from Wando’s case management team, the students were able to spray Joyce’s home and rid them of the unbearable sleeping conditions they were experiencing.


Community Outreach Follow-Up

Since that initial outreach in the slum, Team Joy has made it a point to continue building their relationship with Joyce and her family.

It’s part of their 3 fold objective:

  • To SERVE the vulnerable.
  • To LOVE people who are hurt.
  • To STRENGTHEN the bonds within the community.

Team Joy recently went back for a FOLLOW-UP VISIT.

To see if the bed bugs had returned and to check in on how Joyce’s three grandchildren Paul, Rachael and Mark are doing.

On their visit, they found NO SIGNS of pests in the home, which Joyce is SO THANKFUL for!

She was blessed to say that her grandkids are sleeping much better now AND can focus on their studies.

Since we published Joyce’s story, we were able to find a Child Advocate for Rachael.

This AMAZING Child Advocate from California, Lawanda, has been writing letters to Rachael to see what other challenges the family has.

Through her own relationship she’s now built with Joyce’s granddaughter AND by messaging directly with her case manager, Lawanda’s been able to uncover more needs.

Because Joyce’s family lives in the slum surviving in extreme poverty, the needs are great.

Lawanda knew she probably couldn’t meet all of them.

But Lawanda decided she could start somewhere by simply creating a fundraiser to help sponsor Rachael’s schooling.

If she reaches her goal, it would ensure that 9 year old Rachael, continues in her education, AND receive daily meals at the school which is a HUGE help to Joyce.

Feel free to join Lawanda in her Child Advocacy mission, by visiting Provide Rachael an Education

And if you’d like to learn how you can advocate for Mark or Paul, Please Visit Child Advocacy Program.  Sign up is free and the impact is HUGE!



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