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There’s nothing worse than…

…living in fear of getting Laid-Off or Fired – from a job where you’re not even appreciated or valued

…feeling stuck in a Dead-End Job – wishing you could land a better job if only you knew how.

…losing hope that you’ll never land that Dream Job – or make the income you and your family deserve.

If you or someone you love struggled with these thoughts, you’re not alone.

Did you Know…

“84% of the U.S. workers are stuck in dead-end jobs, unable to meet the standard cost of living”

-Fortune Magazine

“95% of resumes that you submit via online job boards are never seen by a Hiring Manager”

-Harvard Business Review

“When a Hiring Manager does get your resume, the average time they look at it is only 6 seconds”

-The Ladders

The Good News: “It doesn’t have to be this way!”

Wando International’s founder, Michelle Huo, has spent the last 10 years helping thousands experiencing poverty from Downtown LA’s Skid Row to the slums of Uganda by helping them develop careers. She has developed a proven step-by-step system and framework to help those who are struggling to survive in today’s job market to master the job hunt to land their Dream Job and Get Paid what they deserve.

“We believe that everyone has the right to wake up each morning excited to go to work and come home each night fulfilled by the work they do.”

After 10 years of helping thousands of people all over the world, we have A LOT of knowledge and experience to share.
Knowledge and experience to help…

Wando International Presents:

“The Career Acceleration Program”

Free 1-Hour workshop designed to help you “Rethink” your approach to career development to land your Dream Job and Get Paid what you deserve WITHOUT having to go back to school…

Program Overview:

“The Career Acceleration Program” is a free workshop to help our students gain clarity in their career development by creating “The Ultimate Career Gameplan” to identify value based skills they have, or can easily develop, that companies in today’s job market want. This will help our students zero in on the ideal jobs to target where they’ll be positioned as a valued asset in an organization.

We will also help build out a Digital Branding Platform that will show them how to leverage the power social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Facebook, to establish more Authority and Credibility than a resume can ever offer.  They’ll follow an exact, step-by-step proven system that has produced exceptional results for thousands of all over the world.

Through our free workshop, we’ll introduce students to a networking strategy that will produce 10-15 job offers every month WITHOUT having to chase after everyone they know and feel like they’re asking for a handout.

Interviewing will be more than simply answering questions to telling a story, building value throughout the process (read: better offer) and separating them from the competition.

Our proven system helps our students adopt an entrepreneur’s mindset to “fail fast” and determine the ideal path, so their efforts are rewarded quickly with work they love and compensation they deserve.

Move from working harder to working smarter. We’ll show you how to uncover the hidden 80/20 in their job hunting efforts and focus ONLY on the 20% of activities that are getting 80% of your results (HINT: this is NOT applying on line and sending endless LinkedIn requests to connect).


Our Free 1-Hour Workshop is taught online by Amanda Isaacson and Michelle Huo and available to attend in person through our growing network of Strategic Alliance Partners.

Students will also have access to weekly live sessions to help answer any questions and overcome whatever challenges they may be facing.

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What People Are Saying About Us…

“I have so many incredible stories of amazing things God has done on our trips. I could write books. Our Ugandan family, The students, the mommas, the babies, the teachers…they have my heart.”

– Chandra Alisa

“Wando does a great job of making everyone they work with feel like family. After seeing the way the organization works with the people we serve, the heart for the people they serve is evident.”

– David Talley

In my four trips to Uganda, I have be able to see many Wando’s plans come to fruition – and I am sure there are more to come! Their love for the students and their families always inspires me.”

-Jan Aldrich

“I went on a trip with Wando to Uganda in 2014. I believe God sent me there for my precious Amina. I fell in love with that little girl the first time she ran up to me and held my hand. It is amazing to see the transformation. She looks so good and seems so happy now! I am looking forward to the next time I can go.”
-Reina Rios

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