See Transformation of Rescued Child

//See Transformation of Rescued Child

See Transformation of Rescued Child

Blessing: Rescue to restoration.

One of the absolute best stories of rescue we have at our Babies’ Home is the story of Blessing.

It’s hard to believe by looking at the beautiful, smiling little girl she has become that just a year and half ago Blessing was fighting for her life.

Our case managers discovered her while working in the field one day.  Blessing was severely malnourished, unable to even support her own body weight.

Her father abandoned her as soon as her mother passed away, making Blessing an orphan at 1 year old.

She had been severely neglected by the caretaker who took her in, and we realized she would probably die if we didn’t do something.

Once we made that decision to do something, Blessing first needed to spend weeks in the hospital gaining her strength back having to be tube fed and receive multiple blood transfusions.

When she was finally healthy enough to come the live in the babies’ home, all she did was cry and cry.

Our foster mamas had to constantly have her in their arms so she’d feel safe.


She was starved for love and physical touch.

It took months of loving Blessing back to health, but finally we witnessed her complete transformation.

We are forever grateful to have found her when did, because she might not be here today.  And she definitely wouldn’t have the life she has now.

Blessing truly is a miracle, and now we are even more overjoyed to celebrate her birthday!  She turns 3 years old this month and we are definitely throwing a party to celebrate!


As Blessing lives her new life at the Babies’ Home, she’s still in need of the love and support of a Child Advocate.

As Blessing’s advocate, you can continue to nurture her and be directly involved in her transformation physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

The bond that occurs between a child and their Advocate is a blessing in itself!

To experience this for yourself, ADVOCATE FOR BLESSING!




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