Community Outreach Report

//Community Outreach Report

Students Outreach to Individuals in Need.

Every week our Lead Outreach Coordinator organizes a team of students from Marah Christian Primary School and takes them out into the neighboring slum of Njeru to serve the members of the community.  The target group our outreach teams focus on are the families of our students and members of our Beading Program.

The purpose of our outreaches is to build one-on-one personal relationships with our community, uncover the needs and challenges they are facing, and work together to implement solutions.

We believe in sharing the love of God through acts of service.

On today’s outreach into the slum, our team of all-girl students went out and visited the home of Angelina.  Angelina is an elderly woman who takes care of her 6 grandchildren all by herself.  She is scraping by, doing all she can to earn money from cutting grass and weaving handbaskets.  Four of her grandchildren are students at Marah Christian school:  Edema, Edward, Farouk, and Ayala.

The team was concerned not only for Angelina but also for also Edema who was reported as missing school for almost a week now with a swollen neck.  He isn’t even able to turn his head side to side.  It is believed that he has an infection of some kind and so his grandmother has been treating him with antibiotics for several days.


Angelina with her grandson, Edema.

The team quickly got to work breaking into smaller groups.  Some went and filled large jerry cans with clean water for drinking and cooking use.  Others attended to the Angelina’s goat house and duck pen.  Being that Angelina is such an old woman and she suffers from chronic back and shoulder pain, help around the house was welcomed and appreciated.


The girls delivering the fetched clean water.


Student clears up the goat shelter for old woman.

After spending some quality time with Angelina and Edema, the student outreach team finished off their visit with some prayer and reading from the book of Ephesians 2:8.  It was apparent that Angelina and her grandson were in better spirits.  The commitment to stay involved and make an impact in the lives of those around us is ongoing.  Our mission is to help those who are vulnerable, women and children who cannot help themselves.

The Wando case workers and outreach team will follow up on Edema’s health in the coming days and implement regular visits to the home of Angelina, to serve in whatever capacity she may need.

Make an impact by being a source of encouragement to Edema and his grandmother.  Sign up is FREE and you can write letters to them personally!

Go to:

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