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We’re sure by now you’ve gotten to know our kiddos from the babies’ home pretty well. We can’t help but gush about them all the time.  But what about the women who care for them ’round the clock day in and day out?  We wanted to take this moment to recognize these amazing ladies. Allow us to introduce you..

The Mamas of Wando.

Mama Claire

Aciro Claire, also known as Mama Claire, is our Head Foster Mother.  She lives at the babies’ home full time and has been with us since 2013. She is of the Acholi Tribe and speaks three different languages. She has four adult children in all, two of which currently work with us here at Wando.

Not only does she have a strong background in working as a foster mom, but she also has been a long time member of the PITTEK Women’s Beading Group. She handcrafts beautiful jewelry made from recycled paper. She is passionate about teaching others and has even passed these skills down to her four children!



Mama Harriet

Akiror Harriet is also a full time Foster Mother who lives at the babies’ home. She came on board with us at the beginning of this year and we couldn’t be happier.  She is great with the kids and even has a son of her own named Trevor.  He is seven years old and currently enrolled in P2 class at Marah Christian Primary school.

Harriet is from the Mudama Tribe and speaks four different languages!  She loves to teach the kids and get them moving by dancing along with them.  She has a background education in secretarial work as well as computer science.



Mamas and babies

We firmly believe in maintaining a healthy ratio of caretakers to children so that way we can ensure our kids are being loved and shown affection around the clock.  This is why our foster mothers’ role is purely to love on the children.  We have adequate support from our Aunties who maintain the cleaning and cooking responsibilities.  This frees up the time for Mama Claire and Mama Harriet to nurture, encourage, and raise up!


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