Students Bless Their Own Teacher

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Schoolteacher gets a Surprise from Students

The student outreach team pays a special visit to show Ms. Jackline some love.

Three weeks ago Ms. Jackline, Nursery school teacher at Marah Christian Primary, gave birth to twin baby girls.

The students of Marah decided to surprise their teacher with a little visit.  Since she has been away on maternity leave the kids have not been able to see how their teacher or the new baby girls are doing.  So the students got the team together and set out to check on them.

Here’s what they found!


Newborns Babirye and Kawuda.

Two sweet, healthy baby girls!  Ms. Jackline is doing great and recovering well.  She was so pleased to see that the students cared enough to come visit.


Ms. Jackline (on right) with her mother and 3 children.

The kids’ major focus for their time spent with Ms. Jackline was to show love and support.

They asked if there was anything they could pray for and then helped the new mom around the house with different needs.  One of the students even helped cook a pot of rice for the family!  Others went out and fetched clean water for the home.

Still others from the team decided to take this opportunity of spending time with each other by reading from the book of Ephesians 4:1-13.

All in all the students of Marah enjoyed their time of fellowship with Ms. Jackline and her family.  The kids are looking forward to when she can come back to school, but know that it might be another few weeks before that can happen.  They are just so happy to see the Wando family grow!


The outreach team loving on Ms. Jackline’s twins.

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