Vulnerable Students In Uganda

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Vulnerable Students In Uganda

Students in slum face danger after finals.

The end of the first term at Marah Christian Primary in Uganda is approaching quickly.  Things are wrapping up as the students just finished testing for their end of term exams.

In Uganda, the school year is broken up into three terms, each with a few weeks of holiday break in between.  The first term began earlier this year in February, when kids from the neighboring area enrolled into Marah.

Marah primary is Wando’s International’s free school provided for children living in extreme poverty.

All of the kids in this area come from families who are not even able to meet the basic needs for daily living.

At our school they are provided a breakfast and lunch, which is many times their only meal for the day.

This is why while we’re happy to see our students complete another term of studies, the needs they face as soon as break starts will be much more drastic.


Vulnerable Students In Slum Need Advocates

Children’s parents will have to continue to search for work during the day leaving their kids will be unsupervised. Some students may even be forced to search out work in the slum as well for survival.

This opens them up to many dangers unimaginable to most. In this kind of environment of extreme poverty just some of the threats include:

**Fortunately though, through our Child Advocacy Program these students can continue to be helped and looked after!

Our Child Advocate program allows for someone 10,000 miles away to check up on these vulnerable children by working directly with our case managers in Uganda.

It’s as easy as choosing a child from our school who you’d like to help and sending a quick message to see how they’re doing.

You can write as often as you’d like and have our case managers check in with their families.

Our dedicated case managers will send you free updates regularly, and will send reports on how the child is doing the second you ask for it!

This provides someone the opportunity to not only build a relationship with a child who desperately needs encouragement, but it allows for you to make a direct impact in their life by filling any needs they may have.

We make advocating easy by working directly with our advocates one-on-one so they can take action immediately to help their child.


To find a vulnerable child at our school to help, go to:

Start Advocating!


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