Ugandan Support on U.S. Election Day

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Students in Uganda Send Best Wishes for Americans Voting Today

The wait is over.  Election Day is here!!

The day that’s been on everyone’s mind has finally arrived.  Americans will be choosing their next president to serve in the oval office today!  A momentous day for everyone in the U.S. and in the world abroad.  Everyone is watching to see just what our country decides…even Uganda!

Today some of the students at Marah Christian Primary school decided to show their support for our great nation by coloring the American flag and sending their sincerest best wishes!


The kids are excited to see what happens, because they know that casting your vote means having a say in your own country’s future.  The students even hold their own elections each year where they elect peers to serve in different capacities at the school.  They vote for the students they feel are the most responsible and have good leadership qualities.

They understand that being able to participate in the voting process is a wonderful thing.  So on this important day, our students send their support all the way from Uganda!

Their prayer today: God Bless America.

Student showing support for U.S. voters!

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