Volunteer Days At Wando Babies Home

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Volunteer Days At Wando Babies’ Home

Missionaries Schedule Weekly Visits With The Kids!

Volunteers Welcome!!

HAPPY WAS OUR UGANDA TEAM after being approached by Local Missionaries interested in volunteering at Wando International’s Orphanage for rescued children.

John Chong Songchol, missionary from South Korea, resides in the town of Njeru just minutes away from our Babies’ Home and Primary School in the slum.

John’s missionary team in Njeru consists partly of International Students supported by the Korean Government.

JOY, 24, and GRACE, 23, are both students of the Korean University Council For Social Service who travel to Uganda to offer their support to vulnerable communities.

When Joy and Grace learned of our neighboring orphanage, they came to see if they could volunteer by providing fun learning activities for the kids while on holiday break.

After coordinating with our Foster Mamas and Nursery Program Director, it was decided the girls would come EVERY WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY from 9:30AM to NOON.

Joy will be teaching MUSIC AND DANCE, while Grace will be teaching the kids HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION.


Missionaries Volunteer With Wando


Today, our VOLUNTEERS kicked off a day of FUN, FUN, FUN for the KIDS!

Grace took the kids through senses of the body AND what each is used for:  Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell, and Hearing.

To help the children realize their other senses being heightened without vision, Grace had the kids play a game where they were blindfolded and led by a “trust” partner.




David leads Blessing in blindfold game.

Then it was time for our kiddos to learn about music!

Joy brought out her goodie bag filled with horns, tambourines, triangles, and ceramic zills.

The kids were SO EXCITED to learn how to play and each got to pick an instrument to try out.




Our kiddos had such a FUN time today, enjoying themselves while learning too!

Volunteer Days will continue for all of December up through Mid-January, when Joy and Grace head back to school.

More updates to come on what our NEW MISSIONARY FRIENDS from Korea will bring to the home.

We’re sure whatever it is, it will be AMAZING!

To learn more about the ANY of the children being cared for, feel free to VISIT THEIR PROFILES AND Click FOLLOW for regular updates.

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