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A child advocate must become very familiar with their responsibilities and what will be required as an advocate. If an individual complies with these terms, the next steps are as follows:

  1. Select a Child – There are nearly 200 children in need of an advocate; choose 1 child, and start making a difference in their life.
  2. Assess Their Needs – Work with your selected child’s Case Manager to uncover your child’s basic needs.
  3. Create a Fundraiser – Use our crowdfunding platform to facilitate online giving for your child.
  4. Be Their Voice – Share your child’s story and needs via social media to all your friends and family.
  5. Change a Life – Through your support and the support of others, your child’s needs will be met, and they will have hope for a better future!

If you feel you are ready to play a part in the child advocacy program and help us provide a more promising future for children in extreme poverty, APPLY TODAY!

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Be their voice. Let them know they are loved.[/call_two]