5 Unique Facts About Uganda

//5 Unique Facts About Uganda

Uganda is a beautiful country that is coming back from years of civil war and corruption. When many think of Africa, they think of dusty villages and plains with grass swaying in the wind. Uganda, however, is known as “The Pearl of Africa.” It’s a beautiful land that boasts scenery you can only imagine and people whose hospitality is second to none. If you’re thinking about sponsoring one of our children or becoming a child advocate, here’s some quick facts about the country we’re proud to serve.

  1. Uganda is home to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population. They take conservation seriously and are committed to preserving populations. In fact, in addition to preserving wildlife, Uganda has a rule that if you cut down one tree, you need to plan three in its place.
  2. This beautiful country is actually one of the safest in Africa. So once you get to know the child you advocate for or woman you sponsor you can join us in country with total peace of mind.
  3. Uganda claims the tallest mountain range in Africa, which feeds the world’s longest river the largest lake in Africa — Lake Victoria.
  4. 50% of Uganda’s population is under 14, which is why we place a huge emphasis on serving and nurturing children. The average age in Uganda is 50-60.
  5. Matooke is a beloved dish made with plantains and banana leaves. Join us on our next trip and get a taste of this local delicacy.

Uganda is beautiful, unique and wonderful. It’s a land of contrast, with many living in extreme poverty, yet complete beauty around. Most importantly, it’s a land that we are proud to call our home away from home and proud to serve.

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