Academic Success For Ugandan Students

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Academic Success For Ugandan Students

End of Term is in sight!

It’s that time of year again, you guessed it…MIDTERMS!! 

Midterms are in session at Wando International’s Primary School in Uganda.

Not only that, but this is the midpoint until the end of Term 3, which means we’re nearing the end of the entire school year!

All of our students, starting from the Nursery classes and up from Primary 1 to Primary 7, are currently in the middle of testing to ensure they’re on the right path to academic success by the end of this year.

While we are rooting for all our students to succeed, the students we’re rooting the loudest for are those enrolled in grade Primary 7, or P7 as we like to call it.

The reason is that P7 students are candidates for graduation, which would allow them to move up to Secondary School.

These midterms P7 students are taking right now are way more intensive, going back into material they’ve learned cumulatively throughout their entire enrollment in primary school.


Ensuring Academic Success

Primary Seven students NEED TO PASS their final exit exams in order to graduate, which is why this is our PRIMARY FOCUS for each our twenty-one P7 students enrolled with us.

To make sure they are set up for success, we’ve been providing extra lessons and a Saturday program for one-on-one tutoring. 

While the official close date of school isn’t until December 8th, final testing for P7 students will begin the first week of November.

This critical time for the children requires support from ALL sides.

While Wando Int’l. provides the school as a free educational resource for children living in the slum AND while our teachers provide them with extra lessons, these children are STILL IN DESPERATE NEED of someone to stand behind them and encourage them individually.


This is where we look to our Child Advocates for support!

Child Advocates are able to WRITE, ENCOURAGE, and MENTOR any of our students through our free online messaging platform.

It’s how a child who coming from a vulnerable family living in extreme poverty can still receive positive words and affirmations spoken into their life.

Even if it’s coming from another continent, LOVE is powerful all the same.

Advocates can offer HOPE as well as provide direction to these children in need.

We’ve witnessed first-hand the students with Child Advocates have become the top performing students in their class EVERY TERM.

Help us ensure EVERY child’s success by becoming an advocate and offering support.

To learn more, please visit Child Advocacy Program!

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For over 10 years Elizabeth has dedicated herself to serving others getting involved with outreach in her local community as well as international volunteer work in Haiti. In 2014 she learned of Michelle Huo’s work with Wando International to empower vulnerable women and children to shift the course of their lives. After taking her first trip to visit Wando’s projects in Uganda Elizabeth joined Michelle in 2015 to help her achieve her vision. Now Elizabeth is working to help students in third world countries like Uganda learn the skills that businesses and Non-Profits around the world want and need. By strategically partnering these students with SMB and Non-Profit organizations, they become empowered to lift themselves out of poverty while organizations benefit from increased revenue generation.

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