Nurse Hatika: Keeping Our Wando Family Healthy

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Uganda has one of the worst records in the healthcare arena primarily due to lack of education and resources. Add to that the monumental percentage of one’s income required to get healthcare and you’ll understand just why it’s not easy to come by in a country wracked with extreme poverty.


Healthcare takes an average of 52% of a person’s income in Uganda

Thankfully, we’re blessed to have Nurse Hatika Namyalo, who provides exceptional healthcare to all of our children and widows. She’s the person who is up late at night if a child is sick or makes the connections needed to get ARVs for children and adults with HIV. She’s also helped Amina get the extensive dental treatment needed to have a beautiful, pain free smile.

Her heart is big and filled with love for the Wando family. We couldn’t ask for someone more caring or helpful.

The care Nurse Hatika provides is endless. Just a couple weeks ago our kids were struck with an ugly flu bug. She made sure each child was cared for, hydrated and loved. And now all our kiddos are healthy and feeling good.

Here’s a quick video interview with Nurse Hatika. Check it out and get to know our heroine who make health a priority!

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