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Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Program Term: 1-Year
Start Pay: $15 an Hour
End Pay: $25 an Hour
Availability: Full & Part-Time

Job Description:
Wando International is looking for an Apprentice Digital Marketing Director to us build and oversee a team of Digital Marketing Professionals to help us raise awareness for our programs in Uganda and here in the U.S. You will work closely with our Board of Directors here in the US and our leadership team in Uganda. Your role is to ensure that your team is on the same page, speaking the same language, and aligned to organizational goals.

Responsibilities Include:
-Collaborate with US Board of Directors and Ugandan Country Director to establish goals and objectives for campaigns
-Onboard and Manage Digital Marketing Teams
-Build network of Strategic Alliance Partners via LinkedIn
-Create and implement campaigns to raise awareness and increase online engagement for all program.
-Create and Deploy Email Broadcasts, Social Media Posts to promote Wando International and it’s programs
-Launch overall social media initiatives and engagements via Facebook and LinkedIn
-Post new content on personal corporate blog
-Monitor and optimize site traffic using Google Analytics

Eligibility Requirements:
-Be 18 years of Age or Older
-U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
-Fluent in English
-High School Diploma or Equivalent Required
-Proficient Computer Skills
-Have access to a Computer or Laptop with a High Speed Internet Connection
-And a dedicated Phone Line