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Top 4 Reasons To Be at our NEXT Career-Development Workshop

Top 4 Reasons To Be at our NEXT Career-Development Workshop It's Time to STOP Surviving, and Start THRIVING When it comes to the job hunt in today’s world, it could be a little daunting...Ok maybe a lot daunting. All you want is a job that pays you well, where you are happy and can grow. There’s a ton of advice out there from websites to career counselors, your neighbor, even your Uncle Joe has something to say about it. But much of the advice is leading people down a path where at best, they secure themselves a position at a low paying job at risk of getting laid off due to reasons that just don’t seem fair.   Sooner or later, you just want to give up right?  Well don’t. We’ve put together a Weekly Workshop Series for anyone needing help with their Career-Development Strategy AND we’ve broken down the Top 4 Reasons you should be attending.   Here they are: Get up to speed QUICKLY If you feel like you're getting left behind, you're not alone. We live in a different age now, and there's some extremely important changes that you need to be aware of.  Get caught up on what the Current Strategies are to Level Up in your career, what High-Growth Industries you should be Targeting, and Why your Biggest OBSTACLE might just be that you have an outdated approach on the entire Career-Development process.  You will learn quickly all the significant advancements that have been made within the last 50 years, and why if you hang on to the old ways of approaching your career advancement you will continue [...]

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Learn How to Launch & Grow a Successful Career FAST

Learn How to Launch & Grow a Successful Career FAST  Attend FREE Career-Development Workshops Happening Near You And Start Transforming Your Life TODAY It’s time for you to LIVE the life you deserve! That’s what we believe EVERYONE'S right is: To be happy, feel fulfilled, and be able to provide the life they want for themselves and their family. But many today are struggling just to make ends meet.  It’s not really their fault, as much as it is that things have changed.  Globalization and technology have drastically altered the job market, and many are getting left behind due to Outsourcing & Automation. In reality, it’s just the outdated and bad career advice they’re still following, BUT it doesn't have to be this way.  We’re kicking off an ongoing Daily Workshop Series FREE for anyone struggling in their career development. Keep reading to find out WHO Should Be Attending the Workshop Series and HOW You Can Participate.  Current Career-Development Strategy not Working? You're NOT Alone. As we just mentioned, the current career advice out there is leading a ton of people down the same road to feeling stuck working in a dead-end job, living in fear that they might be laid off, or God forbid be pushed over the edge by some emergency that they’re not equipped to handle.     It doesn’t matter if you’re newly graduated and entering into the workforce for the first time only to find yourself competing with HUNDREDS of other more qualified people for that Entry Level job, Or a seasoned professional without a clear path of advancement just waiting and hoping to get noticed [...]

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Stuck In A Dead-End Job?

Stuck In A Dead-End Job? See Why You Should THINK TWICE Before Going Back to School Stuck at a dead-end and unhappy with your job?  You’re not alone! You, like most people in today’s job market, are experiencing hardships in advancing your career AND earning enough to provide what you need.  ONLY 19% of employees say they feel comfortable with their current pay rate.  (Indeed.com) That leaves more than 80% of people feeling stuck in low-paying jobs with no room to grow or advance. It's especially harder for those without a college degree or much work experience.   What should you do if that's you?  It may be tempting to go along with the status quo of advice out there. But...before you jump back into a 4-year college, read this article and Find Out Why That's NO GUARANTEE For Success in Today's Job Market.  Why "Just Go Back To College" May Be The WRONG Advice For You If you are struggling to make ends meet, living in constant fear of the next big emergency, OR nearing the maximum pay available at your job, this article is for you.   We know how hard it is to live productively when you live with legitimate fear and anxiety over being able to meet the needs of your family. As we just mentioned, we’re seeing people all across the U.S. experiencing challenges in leveling up in their careers, or simply just earning enough income to meet the standard cost of living. But things are incredibly harder when you don’t have a college degree under your belt, OR have the right experience needed to help you transition out [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Isabel Holm

Volunteer Spotlight: Isabel Holm Meet The Woman Fulfilling Her Dreams Locally While Impacting Vulnerable Women Around The World Meet our newest Superstar Volunteer, Isabel Holm! It brings us absolute JOY to introduce to you one of our newest additions to the Wando Family.   Isabel Holm is a recent transplant to the city of Azusa where Wando International's headquarters are located. Entering into a new season of her work and personal life, Isabel has had one objective that was clear:  To volunteer with a Nonprofit and give back to vulnerable women.   After doing some research she found us!  In just a few weeks she’s already become a valued member of our Volunteer Team.   It’s been awesome to learn more about her PASSIONS and DESIRE to help others alongside us. We sat down with Isabel recently and she shared with us exactly how her JOURNEY has led her to Wando International.  Continue reading for Isabel's Story AND Find Out Why She Chose Us to Volunteer With! Isabel's Dream of Empowering Women In Her Own Words: "Throughout my high school years, I attended an all-girls private school that primarily focused their studies on advancing the education of young women. After high school and graduating from Pasadena City College, I transferred to Cal State Fullerton where I first majored in liberal arts, BUT then quickly switched to Women’s Studies after taking some courses I really enjoyed. I learned all about women’s contributions to the arts, literature, politics, medicine, and teaching fields. I LOVED taking these classes and enjoyed learning about the many significant changes in society WOMEN have made. This is actually what [...]

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Learn How To Volunteer in Azusa AND Impact Women’s Lives Around The World

Learn How You Can Volunteer in Azusa AND Impact The Lives Of Vulnerable Women Around The World Calling all Locals! If you are In Azusa or the surrounding Foothills area, we are looking for PASSIONATE, talented people to join our Volunteer Team! Our MISSION IS TO EMPOWER vulnerable women experiencing poverty in the US and in Uganda through Business and Career-Development. To fulfill our mission, we need the help of those that truly desire to see TRANSFORMATION happening in the lives of these women. If that sounds like you, keep reading to Find Out How You Can Get Involved and Start Making A Difference TODAY! How to Volunteer With Us Locally in Azusa  Wando International is a COMMUNITY of passionate folk who are all about helping you get to the next level in your Career, Business, and ultimately Life, so you can LIVE THE LIFE you deserve. We focus on vulnerable women as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, but we also want to see EVERYONE who comes alongside us to also reach their goals. That goes for our local Volunteers as well! Whether you already have a certain set of skills you want to contribute, OR you want to develop experience in a particular area, there IS a volunteer opportunity for you to be a part of and THRIVE in. Some of the different Volunteer Opportunities we're looking to fill: PHOTOGRAPHERS If you have an “eye for a good shot” and want to hone your craft while helping to capture us in the midst of our work, come snap pics at our next Fundraising Event, Career Workshop, Bead Party, or trip to Uganda! [...]

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Ugandan Bead Partner Story Highlight: ANNET

Ugandan Bead Partner Story Highlight: ANNET One Woman’s Plan To Escape Extreme Poverty AND Thrive in Today’s Market Today, we highlight a woman who is determined to BREAK FREE of the life she’s been living. Annet is 32 years old, mother to 2 young children, and desperately working towards escaping Extreme Poverty in Uganda.   She lives in a small, rented single-room structure that she barely affords along with all the other costs of providing for a family. She, too, was raised in a cycle of poverty with no opportunities to escape, but is DETERMINED to provide a better life for her children and is willing to do whatever it takes. Annet has a plan to not just survive, but THRIVE.   To find out how she’s accomplishing that, continue reading her story below. One Woman's Plan To Escape Extreme Poverty in Uganda Annet is NO STRANGER to hard work and doing what she has to do in order to provide for her family.   She has a lot of experience in operating small businesses over the years, typically independent resale operations selling used clothing items at the local community markets. She’s mostly been dealing in resale shoes and prides herself on excellent customer care, BUT because she lives in an impoverished area of Uganda where majority of the community is ALSO struggling to survive, she hardly generates any sales. The income she does brings in is so little that it doesn’t actually cover her family’s basic needs. Not to mention the FULL DAYS it takes of her having to sit at the market hoping someone walks by in need of [...]

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Ugandan Bead Partner Story Highlight: GRACE

Ugandan Bead Partner Story Highlight: GRACE Meet The Housemaid Turned Entrepreneur Who Doubled Her Income In Under A Year Meet Grace. Mother of 5 who recently uprooted from her ancestral home in the Pader District of Northern Uganda. Coming from a part of the country where in the greater part of the 2000's majority of people were living in camps for Internally Displaced People as a result of the LRA war, Grace had been struggling to survive living in Extreme Poverty. Without a way to earn an income she was unable to meet the basic needs of her family, pay rent, or send her children to school.  She left her home in Northern Uganda seeking new opportunities, and moved to an area just outside of Jinja, Uganda which is where we met her.  Since then we’ve seen a radical change in her journey.   Read on to see how she was able to DOUBLE HER INCOME in under a year, going from being a local Housemaid to Business Entrepreneur. Ugandan Housemaid Goes From No Skills to Savvy Entrepreneur When Grace arrived in Danida Masese, just a 15 minute drive away from the town of Jinja, she had NO SKILLS, NO JOB, and A FAMILY TO SUPPORT. Her first instinct was to seek odd labor jobs around the community, seeing if anyone would be willing to hire her.  Because she had no professional background or education, she was forced to take whatever jobs she could at whatever rate her employers were willing to pay her. That led to Grace taking a job as housemaid, working long hours away from her children [...]

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Women Empowering Women Spotlight: Daya Devi-Doolin

Women Empowering Women Spotlight: Daya Devi-Doolin Meet Inspiring Mother Who Escaped Domestic Violence and Is Now Helping Others To Heal We recently sat down with an amazing woman who lives and breathes the meaning of her name.   Daya, meaning “Compassion,” has dedicated her life to helping others heal and renew. She knows first-hand the pain of being in a vulnerable situation, as a young mother realizing she needed to do whatever she could to get out of an abusive marriage.    Drawing from her own experience, she’s made it her life’s work to help others discover their power and regain their strength physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As part of our series to highlight Empowered Women who are lifting up and empowering other vulnerable women, we’re excited to share Daya Devi’s journey with you today. Continue reading for Daya’s amazing story.   A Mother's Journey From Escape to Empowerment Sitting down for our conversation with Daya Devi-Doolin, you can’t help to feel the calming energy she exudes.   It’s no surprise to us, being that she is now the Co-Founder and President of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary in Deltona, Florida where she and her husband, Chris, offer a variety of holistic healing methods centered around personal healing and spiritual growth. Like any story of TRANSFORMATION, Daya’s journey to wellness first began with recognizing that she was in a place she did not want to be.   Daya was in a marriage where domestic violence was prevalent.  Without having to go into all the details of what she and her son endured, Daya explains that one day she came to a point where [...]

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Women Empowering Women Spotlight: April Hernandez

Women Empowering Women Spotlight: April Hernandez Meet Inspiring Woman Who Survived Domestic Violence and Became An Advocate For Others April Hernandez:  Survivor. Fighter. Advocate. Empowered Woman.  April is all these things, but one thing she isn't?   A victim.  In 2014 April found herself in an abusive relationship with her live-in boyfriend, where things got so bad that she was faced with this choice:   Either die drowning OR lift herself up and make a change. She decided to lift herself up and went on to not only shift the course of her life, but become empowered to help others do the same. April thrilled us when she agreed to share her POWERFUL story with our readers.  It's the first of many we will be sharing of women who were once vulnerable, but experienced the transformation from Survive to Thrive.  Continue reading for April's inspirational story. One Woman's Journey From Victim to Survivor When you meet April Hernandez, the very first thing you notice is her sweet smile and full, inviting laugh that seems like it could soften any heart it touches.  If you didn't know her, you'd probably never suspect all that she’s overcome in her lifetime. As April says though, she is a self-proclaimed “Open Book” now, and it's because she no longer lives in fear or shame and is NO LONGER A VICTIM. We really didn’t have to do any digging when we sat down with her.  She simply asked, "How should we start? I'd be happy to share my story!” April went on to do just that, describing her experience starting with getting pregnant at 18 and marrying a man who [...]

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The Simple Strategy Empowering Dozens of Vulnerable Widows to Escape Poverty

The Simple Strategy Empowering Dozens of Vulnerable Widows To Escape Poverty In Uganda Some of the MOST vulnerable women in Uganda are Widows. In rural parts of Uganda nearly 64% of women are illiterate.   What makes widows so vulnerable is that they are trapped in a constant state of SURVIVAL.   Living in Extreme Poverty where they barely make enough money to eat a small meal twice a day and residing in temporary structures where they could be forced out of at any time. With no education and no skills, they’re left with the only option of working grueling, hard labor jobs which earn them less than $1 a day.  Fortunately, these women DON'T have to remain in extreme poverty because of the simple strategy that’s been proving to help these vulnerable women escape.   Read on to find out what that strategy is. Strategy to Equip Widows in Uganda Although most of the widows in Uganda have never even stepped foot in a school, nor have ever learned any viable skills they could earn from, these women are the furthest thing from being lazy.   They desperately want to work AND they’ll do anything they can to better their situation and even help others in the process.  Many of these widows take in abandoned children from the street who have nowhere to go and will sacrifice their own meals to help someone in need.   The very first step in helping these vulnerable widows escape poverty was to address the issue of them not having any marketable skills.   Understanding that they needed something quick and easy to learn so that they could [...]

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