Babies’ Home Children Give Helping Hand To Foster Mom

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Babies’ Home Children Give Helping Hand To Foster Mom

Turning the tables to show Mom appreciation.

Everyone knows that a mother’s job seems to be never done.  They work so hard to make sure that everyone else in the family is taken care of first.

After that there’s usually little to no time left to take care of their own needs!

It’s for that very reason that the kids at Wando’s babies’ home decided to show a little appreciation to their mama, Mama Claire.

Mama Claire is the head foster mom at the babies’ home, which is essentially an orphanage for children who have either been abandoned completely or who come from desperate and unsafe living environments.

Being that she lives and works at the home 6 days a week, the kids thought it would be nice if they lent her a helping hand on her day off.

Kids Show Foster Mom How Much They Care

After the team of kids organized, they went straight to Mama Claire’s house and gave her a pleasant surprise!

She was delighted to see all the kids’ smiling faces as they reached her doorstep.

The kids told Mama Claire that they were there to take care of her for a change!

They went straight for some dirty dishes near the sink and each of the kids, including the little ones, helped with the task of washing them.


Derrick helping gather all the dirty dishes.


Jo-jo organizing the plates and cups that need washing.



Little Jeremiah supplying the water!

The harder work of actually washing the dishes was handled by big sisters, Sarah and Pamela.  These girls handled those plates like champs!


Sarah and Pamela all geared up to scrub!

And while Sarah, Pamela, Derrick, Jo-jo, and Jeremiah were busy washing dishes, Amina was out sweeping the front patio.  She loved her responsibility of making the front of Mama Claire’s house look spic and span.


Amina sweeping up the front.

Mama Claire was so appreciative of the kids coming and doing that to show their appreciation.  She and her family led everyone in prayer and gave thanks for the time spent together.



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