Baby Blessing: A Rescue Story

Update on orphaned girl taken in by the Wando Team

The story of our little miracle, Blessing, is a truly a special one.

She is the baby girl we discovered at the beginning of this year who was in terrible shape and near death.  She was extremely malnourished with no real caregiver attending to her.  Her mother died unexpectedly and the father abandoned her to the hands of a neighboring person.  Blessing spent most days unattended to, not being fed or given anything besides occasional black tea to drink.

When the Wando case workers discovered Blessing, they knew they needed to jump into action quickly if she was going to survive.  At the time they took her to the hospital, Blessing, being more than a year old only weighed about 10lbs.   She was severely underdeveloped and tiny compared to what a normal, healthy child should be.  She constantly cried out and couldn’t even crawl.

Blessing remained in a hospital specialized for malnourished children for almost 2 full months.  She was put on feeding tubes and was being treated for malaria, a TB infection, and for septicemia which is a severe blood infection that can cause a number of symptoms including open sores.

March 2016 we were able to bring our little Blessing to the Wando Babies Home.

Blessing has been continuing to get better and better, improving physically, emotionally, and socially.  In the beginning she would still cry and cry, never wanting to be put down by the mamas.  She craved to be held all the time which is common for children who have not been given adequate attention.  But with the constant love and affection she’s receiving from the mamas and her new brothers and sisters, she is now a more independent and secure child.



Blessing when she first came into the babies home.


Blessing just 6 months later.











We are amazed at the progress she’s made in the short time she has been with us.  She has settled in nicely at the Wando Babies’ Home, and our caretakers are continuing to ensure that Blessing be nurtured and cared for to see her develop into an even more healthy, balanced child.

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