BIG Wando News – You’ll Want to Read This

//BIG Wando News – You’ll Want to Read This
Wando is now officially tax exempt

From our humble beginnings as travelers exploring Uganda and witnessing the devastation extreme poverty causes to a fledgling non-profit and now, a federal tax exempt status from the IRS. Yes, you read that right – we’re now officially a tax exempt non-profit.

Our next status means we are now able to:

  • Make contributions from our generous supporters totally tax deductible
  • Are exempt from federal income tax
  • Get reduced postal rates
  • Offer you and other supporters the confidence knowing they’re working with a trusted organization

Now, what’s better than good news? Double the good news! Around the same time we were granted tax exempt status we were also given an incredible gift: a $10,000 grant from Google to raise awareness for our cause and boost online donations through AdWords.

Typically, when we run a paid online advertising campaign through Google we pay a certain amount of money, with the intention of raising more than we spend. With this grant from Google we won’t have to spend a penny to raise dollars through Google’s advertising platform (AdWords), and for that we are incredibly grateful.

As we’ve grown, our ability to reach those living in extreme poverty and change lives has also grown. We currently have over 270 students enrolled at Marah Christian School, have exceptional teachers and live-in house moms caring for our babies and children and are empowering women through our Women Beaders Program. We are blessed and so excited to see how Jesus will use us and you in the coming future. Stay tuned!

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