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Blessing Wando InternationalUpdated March 14:

We’re excited to report that Blessing is now feeding orally and without the help of a feeding tube.

Wando family! We need your prayers. On Saturday we received an update from Carol on what’s happening at the babies’ home.

Several babies were diagnosed with Typhoid. Twins Mercy and Marian, as well as Enron, were all admitted to Rippon Hospital and were on IV drips. They’re in stable condition, however, by admitting them into the hospital we’re ensuring their condition doesn’t worsen.

Blessing is also still in the hospital. Her feeding tube has been causing problems, so we’re asking that you continue to pray that she can begin to eat normally.

With a total of four babies in the hospital, you can see why we need your prayers.

So we ask that you pray:

  • For wisdom for the doctors and nurses
  • Improved health for the babies
  • Protection for the staff and the rest of the children so they also don’t fall ill
  • Great health throughout the year
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