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Volunteer Spotlight: Isabel Holm

Volunteer Spotlight: Isabel Holm Meet The Woman Fulfilling Her Dreams Locally While Impacting Vulnerable Women Around The World Meet our newest Superstar Volunteer, Isabel Holm! It brings us absolute JOY to introduce to you one of our newest additions to the Wando Family.   Isabel Holm is a recent transplant to the city of Azusa where Wando International's headquarters are located. Entering into a new season of her work and personal life, Isabel has had one objective that was clear:  To volunteer with a Nonprofit and give back to vulnerable women.   After doing some research she found us!  In just a few weeks she’s already become a valued member of our Volunteer Team.   It’s been awesome to learn more about her PASSIONS and DESIRE to help others alongside us. We sat down with Isabel recently and she shared with us exactly how her JOURNEY has led her to Wando International.  Continue reading for Isabel's Story AND Find Out Why She Chose Us to Volunteer With! Isabel's Dream of Empowering Women In Her Own Words: "Throughout my high school years, I attended an all-girls private school that primarily focused their studies on advancing the education of young women. After high school and graduating from Pasadena City College, I transferred to Cal State Fullerton where I first majored in liberal arts, BUT then quickly switched to Women’s Studies after taking some courses I really enjoyed. I learned all about women’s contributions to the arts, literature, politics, medicine, and teaching fields. I LOVED taking these classes and enjoyed learning about the many significant changes in society WOMEN have made. This is actually what [...]

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Women Empowering Women Spotlight: Daya Devi-Doolin

Women Empowering Women Spotlight: Daya Devi-Doolin Meet Inspiring Mother Who Escaped Domestic Violence and Is Now Helping Others To Heal We recently sat down with an amazing woman who lives and breathes the meaning of her name.   Daya, meaning “Compassion,” has dedicated her life to helping others heal and renew. She knows first-hand the pain of being in a vulnerable situation, as a young mother realizing she needed to do whatever she could to get out of an abusive marriage.    Drawing from her own experience, she’s made it her life’s work to help others discover their power and regain their strength physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As part of our series to highlight Empowered Women who are lifting up and empowering other vulnerable women, we’re excited to share Daya Devi’s journey with you today. Continue reading for Daya’s amazing story.   A Mother's Journey From Escape to Empowerment Sitting down for our conversation with Daya Devi-Doolin, you can’t help to feel the calming energy she exudes.   It’s no surprise to us, being that she is now the Co-Founder and President of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary in Deltona, Florida where she and her husband, Chris, offer a variety of holistic healing methods centered around personal healing and spiritual growth. Like any story of TRANSFORMATION, Daya’s journey to wellness first began with recognizing that she was in a place she did not want to be.   Daya was in a marriage where domestic violence was prevalent.  Without having to go into all the details of what she and her son endured, Daya explains that one day she came to a point where [...]

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Women Empowering Women Spotlight: April Hernandez

Women Empowering Women Spotlight: April Hernandez Meet Inspiring Woman Who Survived Domestic Violence and Became An Advocate For Others April Hernandez:  Survivor. Fighter. Advocate. Empowered Woman.  April is all these things, but one thing she isn't?   A victim.  In 2014 April found herself in an abusive relationship with her live-in boyfriend, where things got so bad that she was faced with this choice:   Either die drowning OR lift herself up and make a change. She decided to lift herself up and went on to not only shift the course of her life, but become empowered to help others do the same. April thrilled us when she agreed to share her POWERFUL story with our readers.  It's the first of many we will be sharing of women who were once vulnerable, but experienced the transformation from Survive to Thrive.  Continue reading for April's inspirational story. One Woman's Journey From Victim to Survivor When you meet April Hernandez, the very first thing you notice is her sweet smile and full, inviting laugh that seems like it could soften any heart it touches.  If you didn't know her, you'd probably never suspect all that she’s overcome in her lifetime. As April says though, she is a self-proclaimed “Open Book” now, and it's because she no longer lives in fear or shame and is NO LONGER A VICTIM. We really didn’t have to do any digging when we sat down with her.  She simply asked, "How should we start? I'd be happy to share my story!” April went on to do just that, describing her experience starting with getting pregnant at 18 and marrying a man who [...]

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Domestic Violence: Why It Goes Beyond Just Bruises

Domestic Violence: Why It Goes Beyond Just Bruises  In the United States, an average of 20 people per minute experience physical violence from their partner. With October being Domestic Violence awareness month, many are speaking up and speaking out against the problem of violence against women. It’s true that the physical harm done to millions of women each year is a crisis that needs to be put to an end, but there’s an even more insidious problem that comes with domestic violence. Something that goes beyond the bruises.   It’s even a major contributor to why women, despite their sincerest desire to leave, are forced to stay in these life-threatening situations. Read on to find out what that reason is. Domestic Abuse And Its Many Faces It’s easy to grasp that abuse takes on different forms: physical, emotional, and psychological.   Each with the common denominator being to break the victim down, strip away all autonomy, and either force or manipulate the victim into submission.   IT'S ABOUT POWER.  And the effects are severely detrimental causing women deep emotional scars, PTSD, low self-esteem, depression, self-harm, suicide, and even lifelong physical impairments and disease. But the one form of abuse not spoken of as much in regards to domestic violence is the financial abuse that victims endure. 99% of Domestic Violence Victims also experience some form of Economic Abuse. Economic, or Financial Abuse, is just what it sounds like.   It’s where an abuser takes full control over their victim’s ability to govern their own finances, their income generating potential, and economic choices affecting them and their children. It’s the one form abuse that [...]

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Learn #1Thing You Can Do To Spark Change In Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Learn What #1Thing You Can Do To Spark Change During Domestic Violence Awareness Month 1 in 3 women have been victims of some form of intimate partner violence in their lifetime. While many violent acts against women go unreported each year, the numbers are staggering as to the serious problem of domestic violence and the psychological, emotional, and economic abuse that goes with it.   Many live in silence, trapped in a prison of control. October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a time when we can all come together to shine light on this problem and give a voice to the voiceless.   You don’t have to have be a victim yourself to bring awareness to this problem.   You can choose to take part in this national campaign to End Domestic Violence by committing yourself to DOING JUST ONE THING to help. Spark Change And End Domestic Violence By Doing One Thing "AWARENESS + ACTION = SOCIAL CHANGE" Those were the words the Domestic Violence Awareness Project used in 2015 to help people see that we ALL need to be a part of the equation to help put an end to domestic violence. This year they’ve taken that idea a step further and called on us to leverage the POWER OF ONE, using the #1Thing campaign.   In short, the #1THING CAMPAIGN EMPOWERS EVERYONE to take action doing just one thing to bring awareness and ultimately change to this issue. Through the collective power of individuals each taking their own unique action, a rippling effect happens causing an even greater IMPACT.   So what are some of the ways you can get involved and help [...]

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Can Men Be Feminists in a Male Dominated Society?

Can Men Be Feminists in a Male Dominated Society? Meet the Men Answering This Question in Uganda’s Capital City Can men be feminists in a society where traditionally, the culture has been dominated by males? To answer this let's first ask, what exactly is a feminist? We hear the word feminist thrown around so much, and a lot of times despite its actual meaning, it tends to get a negative spin put on it.  Feminism, the actual definition, is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” and “organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests.”   Sounds like a cause everyone should get behind!  But can men also be feminists, even when they reside in a male-dominated society?  We answer that question with an emphatic 'YES!'   Here are the men proving that it's not only possible, but that it’s absolutely NEEDED for there to be REAL CHANGE in the attitudes and treatment towards women.   Men CAN and SHOULD be Feminists When we first learned about the story we're about to share, we were blown away.   For every story of abuse and sexual assault on women in Uganda we hear, even those that we work with personally through our own projects in Uganda, it’s RARE to hear one where people actually come together and rally to SPEAK OUT against it. It’s even more rare to see a case where it’s the MEN doing the rallying.    But recently we learned of men doing just that in Uganda’s capital city of Kampala.   While the subject matter is hard to take in, it delighted us to see [...]

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Strategy to Prevent Workplace Violence No One Talks About

Preventing Workplace Violence for Women The Strategy No One is Talking About 75% of domestic violence victims are harassed or threatened at the workplace.   There’s growing awareness about the serious, even deadly, problem of violence at the workplace for women. You’ll find DOZENS of articles giving recommendations on how to prevent this. There's great information out there on ways to protect victims at the job site, BUT don't actually eliminate the danger. There is a strategy, however, we believe WILL PROTECT these victims that no one seems to be talking about. When Violence Comes to the Workplace  When it comes to domestic or intimate partner violence, the abuse doesn't just stay at home with the victim. It follows them to their work and has serious effects on their attendance and performance on the job.  Because of this, many employers across the country are doing what they can to address this issue. The recommendations out there are extremely useful, like implementing domestic violence policies, developing safety plans, and training for employee readiness. BUT, these strategies don't eliminate the threat from reaching the victim's actual place of work.  More than half of workplace homicides done by intimate partners happen in the parking lots just outside a victim's place of employment. The problem is that these women are still bound by their geographical location, constantly living in fear that their perpetrator will eventually find them. It DOESN’T have to be this way.     Strategy to Help Women Facing Danger in the Workplace What if a woman experiencing partner violence can have successful career without fear of harassment at workplace?  It’s [...]

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3 Powerful Stats Showing Domestic Abuse is More Than Just Physical Harm

3 Powerful Stats Showing Domestic Abuse is More than Just Physical Harm What do you think of when you hear the words domestic abuse?   Bruises, scars, beatings, black eyes…I’m sure this is the gruesome picture that many of us first imagine.   But, what about the harm that’s not as easily seen?  Harm that may not be so obvious, and may lead you to ask that infamous question, “Why don’t they just leave?” When we take a deeper look at the whys behind some women staying despite the physical danger they and they’re children face, we see that the harm goes much deeper than just physical pain inflicted. Here’s 3 compelling statistics we found showing there's more to domestic abuse: #1:  94-99% of domestic violence victims have also experienced some form of economic abuse. What is economic abuse? Economic Abuse is when an abuser takes FULL CONTROL over a victim’s financial resources and their earning potential, stripping away all choices and autonomy over their own financial affairs. This type of abuse takes on many different forms such as harm related to their employment, coerced debt, and even preventing a victim from being able to access their own money. An abuser will go so far as to take out credit cards and loans under their victim's name without their consent or force their victim into debt with threats of violence.     #2:  3 out of 4 victims said they've stayed with their abusers longer for economic reasons. Why is that? There are few reasons for this, but mostly it points to the ripple effect of consequences the victim experiences from economic abuse. Without any access to [...]

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