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Volunteer Spotlight: Isabel Holm

Volunteer Spotlight: Isabel Holm Meet The Woman Fulfilling Her Dreams Locally While Impacting Vulnerable Women Around The World Meet our newest Superstar Volunteer, Isabel Holm! It brings us absolute JOY to introduce to you one of our newest additions to the Wando Family.   Isabel Holm is a recent transplant to the city of Azusa where Wando International's headquarters are located. Entering into a new season of her work and personal life, Isabel has had one objective that was clear:  To volunteer with a Nonprofit and give back to vulnerable women.   After doing some research she found us!  In just a few weeks she’s already become a valued member of our Volunteer Team.   It’s been awesome to learn more about her PASSIONS and DESIRE to help others alongside us. We sat down with Isabel recently and she shared with us exactly how her JOURNEY has led her to Wando International.  Continue reading for Isabel's Story AND Find Out Why She Chose Us to Volunteer With! Isabel's Dream of Empowering Women In Her Own Words: "Throughout my high school years, I attended an all-girls private school that primarily focused their studies on advancing the education of young women. After high school and graduating from Pasadena City College, I transferred to Cal State Fullerton where I first majored in liberal arts, BUT then quickly switched to Women’s Studies after taking some courses I really enjoyed. I learned all about women’s contributions to the arts, literature, politics, medicine, and teaching fields. I LOVED taking these classes and enjoyed learning about the many significant changes in society WOMEN have made. This is actually what [...]

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Women Empowering Women Spotlight: Daya Devi-Doolin

Women Empowering Women Spotlight: Daya Devi-Doolin Meet Inspiring Mother Who Escaped Domestic Violence and Is Now Helping Others To Heal We recently sat down with an amazing woman who lives and breathes the meaning of her name.   Daya, meaning “Compassion,” has dedicated her life to helping others heal and renew. She knows first-hand the pain of being in a vulnerable situation, as a young mother realizing she needed to do whatever she could to get out of an abusive marriage.    Drawing from her own experience, she’s made it her life’s work to help others discover their power and regain their strength physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As part of our series to highlight Empowered Women who are lifting up and empowering other vulnerable women, we’re excited to share Daya Devi’s journey with you today. Continue reading for Daya’s amazing story.   A Mother's Journey From Escape to Empowerment Sitting down for our conversation with Daya Devi-Doolin, you can’t help to feel the calming energy she exudes.   It’s no surprise to us, being that she is now the Co-Founder and President of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary in Deltona, Florida where she and her husband, Chris, offer a variety of holistic healing methods centered around personal healing and spiritual growth. Like any story of TRANSFORMATION, Daya’s journey to wellness first began with recognizing that she was in a place she did not want to be.   Daya was in a marriage where domestic violence was prevalent.  Without having to go into all the details of what she and her son endured, Daya explains that one day she came to a point where [...]

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Women Empowering Women Spotlight: April Hernandez

Women Empowering Women Spotlight: April Hernandez Meet Inspiring Woman Who Survived Domestic Violence and Became An Advocate For Others April Hernandez:  Survivor. Fighter. Advocate. Empowered Woman.  April is all these things, but one thing she isn't?   A victim.  In 2014 April found herself in an abusive relationship with her live-in boyfriend, where things got so bad that she was faced with this choice:   Either die drowning OR lift herself up and make a change. She decided to lift herself up and went on to not only shift the course of her life, but become empowered to help others do the same. April thrilled us when she agreed to share her POWERFUL story with our readers.  It's the first of many we will be sharing of women who were once vulnerable, but experienced the transformation from Survive to Thrive.  Continue reading for April's inspirational story. One Woman's Journey From Victim to Survivor When you meet April Hernandez, the very first thing you notice is her sweet smile and full, inviting laugh that seems like it could soften any heart it touches.  If you didn't know her, you'd probably never suspect all that she’s overcome in her lifetime. As April says though, she is a self-proclaimed “Open Book” now, and it's because she no longer lives in fear or shame and is NO LONGER A VICTIM. We really didn’t have to do any digging when we sat down with her.  She simply asked, "How should we start? I'd be happy to share my story!” April went on to do just that, describing her experience starting with getting pregnant at 18 and marrying a man who [...]

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Local Community Nights in Azusa Helping Women Around the World

Local Community Nights in Azusa Helping Women Around the World We did it!  Another AWESOME night of sharing coffee and encouragement with our local community. This past Friday night we had Round 2 of our mock US Coffee Champs Competition with local baristas from the LA area who are gearing up for the real thing coming up this Saturday and Sunday. We opened our Azusa training facility to help 3 talented women in the coffee industry gain practical experience competing in front of a live audience AND get positive feedback from the community.   The crowd was buzzing, yes because of caffeine, but also from the amazing energy these ladies brought to the judges table.  Community Night of Women Helping Women What a treat it was to watch and learn from 3 talented women in the specialty coffee industry practice their live performance for the upcoming US Barista Championships. We had the full set up complete with judges, time-keepers, and a whole lot of coffee to go around. It was a blast hanging out with our growing COMMUNITY of people looking to be a part of something making a difference. Our friends from the local church came and volunteered at the event, students from Azusa Pacific University, local baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike came out to support. We had a great time learning about these baristas who although come from different walks of life, all share a very similar experience. In some special way coffee has impacted their life, and now they each use coffee to impact the lives of others. It was inspirational to hear their stories, all of them [...]

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Join Azusa Coffee Community Impacting Women’s Lives Around the World

Join Azusa Coffee Community Impacting Women's Lives Around the World Raise your hand if you love coffee!  Now raise your hand if you love making a difference in someone’s life! Well, if you raised your hand to either of those you'd probably be interested in what we have going on at our Azusa facility the next two weeks. Last Friday night we kicked off a 3-part series opening up our home in Azusa to coffee professionals and coffee lovers alike. We hosted a mock US Coffee Champs Competition with local baristas as a way to help them level up their skills and get ready for the real thing coming up on Oct. 6th and 7th. For the next 2 weeks we will be hosting different baristas from around the LA area to come practice their performance with us.  (You are all invited.)  In return, we get to drink to some killer coffee AND help raise funds for our women’s projects in the US and in Uganda. Coffee Enthusiasts Welcome Hope you caught the hint that you were invited to join us at our next community event this Friday.  And guess what, you don’t have to be a barista or professional in the coffee industry by any stretch to enjoy.   Just simply come to hang out with us and our growing COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE PASSIONATE about sharpening their skills as professionals, AND being a part of a cause that empowers women around the world. After all, that's what we're all about, EMPOWERING OTHERS through Skills, Business and Career-Development. Alex Mireles of Klatch Coffee, featured in the image above, was our very first featured [...]

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Can Men Be Feminists in a Male Dominated Society?

Can Men Be Feminists in a Male Dominated Society? Meet the Men Answering This Question in Uganda’s Capital City Can men be feminists in a society where traditionally, the culture has been dominated by males? To answer this let's first ask, what exactly is a feminist? We hear the word feminist thrown around so much, and a lot of times despite its actual meaning, it tends to get a negative spin put on it.  Feminism, the actual definition, is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” and “organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests.”   Sounds like a cause everyone should get behind!  But can men also be feminists, even when they reside in a male-dominated society?  We answer that question with an emphatic 'YES!'   Here are the men proving that it's not only possible, but that it’s absolutely NEEDED for there to be REAL CHANGE in the attitudes and treatment towards women.   Men CAN and SHOULD be Feminists When we first learned about the story we're about to share, we were blown away.   For every story of abuse and sexual assault on women in Uganda we hear, even those that we work with personally through our own projects in Uganda, it’s RARE to hear one where people actually come together and rally to SPEAK OUT against it. It’s even more rare to see a case where it’s the MEN doing the rallying.    But recently we learned of men doing just that in Uganda’s capital city of Kampala.   While the subject matter is hard to take in, it delighted us to see [...]

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Meet The Intern Making a Difference And Learn How You Can Join Him!

Meet The Intern Making a Difference And Learn How You Can Join Him! His journey from crossfit trainer to career coach. Do you ever stop and think about how you got to where you’re at now? The journey we go through, at times we don’t realize that what we’re doing today will lead to something great but completely unexpected in the future. And when we get to that point, we look back and realize that our experiences have actually been preparing us for it the whole time! That’s what the journey has looked like for Thomas McCoy.  He’s our newest intern here at Wando International, and we're so EXCITED TO JOIN FORCES with him!  We're even more excited that together we can make a greater impact in the lives of others. Check out Thomas's AMAZING journey: When we first met Thomas, the first thing he shared with us was his PASSION FOR HELPING OTHERS TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES.  He told us how he found a way to combine this passion with his love of Crossfit. Since 2016 he’s been able to help people reach their physical fitness goals as well as helping them overcome personal struggles through crossfit training and exercise. Now Thomas is bringing his passion AND the coaching skills he developed as a Certified Crossfit Trainer into his work with Wando International.  As a valued member of our Internship Team, he'll be able to continue investing in the lives others, working directly with the people Wando serves in our local community as well as nationwide. He'll be mentoring individuals from all walks of life who are currently struggling in their career development, helping them [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Join Nonprofit Running Team

Top 5 Reasons to Join Nonprofit Running Team Race to Empower Sunday morning training sessions at Bonelli Park in San Dimas. If you follow us already you’ve probably seen us share about some of the different ways to get involved with our nonprofit both locally and internationally in Uganda.  We love opening up volunteer opportunities for PASSIONATE PEOPLE to serve alongside us. Here’s one way to get involved with our organization you might not have considered:  Join our Running Team!   We’re going to share with you the Top 5 Reasons why joining Wando International’s running team will not only get you feeling good physically, but will also help you feel good about what you’re doing to make an impact AND who you’re making an impact with. COMMUNITY Joining our running team, the Wando Bead Runners, is like becoming a member of the family.  We can’t do what we do alone, so all who decide to tread this road with us become invaluable parts of the greater whole of our community.  Wando International wants to run alongside, live alongside, and serve alongside other like-minded individuals who also share a PASSION to help those in need. HEALTHIER LIVING Signing up to do a race, like the Renegade 5K Trail Run Challenge Team Bead Runners is doing May 6th, is the fastest way to remove all the distractions and excuses that keep you from getting up and out the door to get your exercise in.  Having that official race date on the calendar almost forces you to make sure you get your exercise time in.  We’ve all heard [...]

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Nonprofit Participates in Outreach for Azusa City Residents

Nonprofit Participates in Outreach for Azusa City Residents Joining forces Easter Weekend! HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GREAT EASTER WEEKEND! We sure did, because this past Saturday Wando International joined forces with Azusa First Assembly Church who put on an incredible event for City of Azusa residents. We were extended the invite by Azusa First’s Pastor, Jerry Jefferson, who we’ve gotten to know and build a special relationship with now over the past 9 months. Not only has he welcomed us to come share OUR MISSION of empowering Widows and Orphans in Uganda with his congregation, but he and his family have continued to support our work by helping us raise awareness and attending our own local events in Azusa like the Eat For Change fundraiser we hosted with Chipotle Mexican Grill. Pastor Jerry sharing the meaning of Easter with the kids! When Pastor Jerry told us about his congregation’s plans to provide FREE food, carnival games, live music, and an Easter egg hunt for the community we were all in to show our support! Easter Outreach for Azusa Families THE EASTER OUTREACH event was specifically for families in the community of Azusa with an emphasis on fun activities for the kids.  Everything from face painting, to having a bounce-house, an Egg hunt, and even limbo!  The kids had a blast. In the community of Azusa there is a great deal of families, especially those being raised by single moms, who are dealing with financial challenges and are unable to spend a lot on providing an Easter celebration for their kids.  So this was a really great way [...]

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Nonprofit 5k Race to Empower in San Dimas

Nonprofit 5k Race to Empower in San Dimas Meet the Running Club gaining speed to support a great cause! Calling all runners, hikers, walkers, and...casual strollers! MAY 6TH, 2018   SAVE THE DATE Wando International is lacing up our running shoes and gearing up for the 2018 XTERRA Renegade 5K Trail Run Challenge.   This is an incredible event taking place in our own backyard at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California. If you've never explored Bonelli Park this is an AMAZING opportunity to join us, because this gem of a location is known for it's scenic lake and beautiful forest views. What are we racing for?  3 Mile Race To Empower We're using this 5K Trail Run as an opportunity to not only get fit, but to raise awareness about our nonprofit's Career-Development programs for people experiencing poverty in Uganda and in the U.S. Why not support a great cause AND get in shape at the same time?!  Sounds like a WIN/WIN if you ask us. And just like that...a Wando Running Team was born. So, when bouncing around ideas for team names that would let people know who we were and why we're running, the name that stood out the most was the Wando Bead Runners! If you caught the Blade Runner pun you're a smart cookie.  But, "BEAD RUNNERS" because of the Bead Program Wando International has implemented in Uganda for women needing to develop skills and create a business that allows them to escape the slums.  Team Bead Runners' main goal is to raise enough funds to support these programs to give women in need the opportunity to become self-sufficient. Their FUNDRAISING GOAL IS $1500 which will provide Training and Workspace for 60+ [...]

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