Child Advocacy 101

//Child Advocacy 101
  • Select a Child
  • Assess Their Needs
  • Be Their Voice!
Advocacy. Four syllables that mean the world to the children we serve at Wando International. To advocate is to show public support for a cause – to declare that you believe in a mission and are willing to help spread the word.

When you get behind Wando you don’t advocate for us. You help meet the needs of children who live in extreme poverty in the slums of Uganda. They don’t have parents, many didn’t have a home before Wando came into their lives and things like basic vaccinations, a good night’s rest and an education are ideas that only lived in their dreams. That is, until now.

With over 500 children in need of love and support we created an advocacy portal that offers transparency, empowers you to make a difference and helps you truly form a relationship with your child. You’ll be able to :

  • Post your own biography and share about yourself
  • Exchange photos and videos
  • Get Regular updates from our tech savvy social workers on your child’s day to day life and their immediate needs

As an advocate you role isn’t to simply donate money. Instead, you invest in your child’s life through prayer, relationship and awareness of their needs.

Become a Child Advocate Today, Help a Child in Extreme Poverty Tomorrow

For example, let’s say your child, John’s, social worker sends an update that says he is not getting a good night’s rest because he doesn’t have a proper mattress. He can’t concentrate in school and is sore from not having the physical support of a mattress.

You can rally your friends, family and church to raise the funds to get John a mattress and bring awareness to the issues he faces. And, the great news is you’ll hear from the social worker and John about how the mattress is making a difference.

Oftentimes, a child won’t need something as big as a mattress. They simply want to know that someone cares for them. Message them an encouraging Bible verse or upload a video that shows them something special about where you live. It might be clip of waves lapping the beach or a hike through the woods. Just as you enjoy learning about your child, they want to learn about you!

Child Advocacy can be done from anywhere and is a great option for anyone who wants to do more than make a donation. If you’re action oriented and have a heart to serve children we need people like you to advocate for the needs of our wonderful children in Uganda. From babies to toddlers to teenagers, we serve boy and girls of all ages.

Are you ready to partner with us and become an advocate for a child in Uganda? The sign up process is super simple and can be done in just a couple of minutes.

Three steps to advocacy:

  1. Sign up as an advocate
  2. Fill out short profile
  3. Select a child (to be approved upon submission)
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