Child Advocacy 102: Things to Share With Your Child

//Child Advocacy 102: Things to Share With Your Child

One of the most challenging parts of child advocacy is simply knowing what to share with your child (or children). I try to be as aware of the situations other people face, so when I started as an advocate, I wondered what would be appropriate to share and what wouldn’t be. After all, these wonderful children don’t have many material goods and their evenings are filled much more differently than kids in the western world.

While kids here enjoy playing videos, watching TV or catching a movie, children in Uganda don’t have those kinds of luxuries. Instead, they love to play outside and take please in simply spending time together.

So, as an advocate it’s important to be aware of what you should share with your child. Here are a few ideas:

Pictures of your city

I sent my girl, Matu, pictures of my backyard. It was snowy and full of evergreens, so I knew the landscape was something she wouldn’t be used to. This is a great way to also ask about where they live and what it’s like there.

Pictures of pets

While pets aren’t treated in Ugandan quite like we do here, the kids love seeing pictures of your furry friends. I sent a picture of my cat and my dog, both of which made Matu curious and prompted her to ask other questions.

Talk about family

This is a subject that should be broached carefully, especially because many of our children are orphans. But that doesn’t mean it’s off limits. Share about whether you’re married, if you have any kids and what your family is like.

Send Bible verses

Notes of encouragement and a Bible verse are always welcome. The kids regularly learn Bible verses and love to sing songs and dance. Another Bible verse will continue to bless and inspire them.

Ask them questions

Your child has a ton of knowledge and insight to share. Ask them about where they live, what they enjoy and what their favorite foods are. The blessing of child advocacy is being able to learn about a whole other culture.


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