Child Advocacy: The Power of Positive Words

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You are awesome. I’m praying for you. God loves you. You are smart.

Words have power and whether positive or negative, they can influence how a child sees his or her self. As a child advocate you don’t invest money into a child, you invest time. Time spent sending letters and pictures, maybe a birthday gift.

You know how they say time is money. Well if you looked at time as money in this situation, then you’d realize just how valuable child advocacy is.

Each message of encouragement and love that you send helps a child see that they’re special and made to serve a unique purpose in this world. In spite of living in extreme poverty, your words provide hope. They tell a child that someone is thinking about them.

Becoming a child advocate is simple. Just find a child, sign up and wait for approval. Once you are approved you can send an email to your child and begin to learn more about them. By committing to communicating using our advocacy system (which is kind of like email) you will discover an entirely different world than you’re used to and see it through a child’s eyes. And, you’ll change a life while you’re at it.

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