Child Advocacy Vs. Child Sponsorship: What’s the Difference

//Child Advocacy Vs. Child Sponsorship: What’s the Difference

School_6_WebYou’ve heard us talk a lot about Child Advocacy and Child Sponsorship, but you’re probably wondering what the real difference between the two is. While they seem similar and are easily used interchangeably, there’s actually several difference.

First and foremost, child sponsorship costs money. A small monthly fee (around $30 a month, however, it varies by child) is used to cover expenses for your child. This might include things like food, books and school supplies, uniforms and healthcare. While support from donors helps us provide these things to all of the children in our orphanage, your direct support of a child helps us extend support to additional children AND gives you the opportunity to truly sow seeds of hope into the life of a child.

When you sponsor a child, you can email and connect with your child and their family through our advocacy system. And, you can even meet them in person during one of our two annual trips to Uganda.

Child sponsorship is a great way opportunity for those who have the means to give a little extra per month or are willing to make a small sacrifice, like giving up your daily coffee pit stop, to help a child in need.

Child advocacy, gives you the opportunity to empower a child through positive words and prayer, but unlike sponsorship it doesn’t cost a dime. Instead, you simply sign-up, choose a child and then commit to being a source of hope and encouragement for a child living in extreme poverty. As a child advocate you focus on meeting your child’s emotional and spiritual needs, while we work on meeting their physical needs. Child sponsors also invited along on our Uganda trips and have an opportunity to meet their child and families.

Advocacy is a great way for young people, college students and those on a tight budget to give back and make a difference.

If you’re looking to learn more contact us, or sigh up to advocate or sponsor. It’s a decision you’ll never regret.

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