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Extreme Poverty: Living on less than $1.25 a day

In America $1.25 is chump change. It’s a number most wouldn’t bat an eye at. In fact, we spend more than that on a regular basis on things like coffee, candy and other snacks. We don’t even think about spending $1.25.

In Uganda, life is much harder, and over half of the population lives in extreme poverty: less than $1.25 a day. An apple and yogurt, lunch meat and two slices of bread and a basic fast food hamburger  are what you can get for $1.25. Now imagine trying to feed yourself and children on so little.

On top of that, imagine lacking any of the skills needed to make money and going without basic access to clean water, healthcare and education. Add to that a lack of sex education and prostitution as your only way to earn money and you end up with a massive amount of orphaned children all in need of love.

84% of rural Ugandans live in poverty

Combating these forces requires a stable partnership with community leadership and elders that’s based upon a foundation of trust. On this foundation we build virtual home of safety and security comprised of:

1) Agricultural training to equip the community with the knowledge needed for sustainable, successful farming in Uganda.

2) Educational opportunities for widows and orphans living in rural and urban communities.

3) Vocational training to equip women to support themselves and their children.

4) Access to basic healthcare, like vaccines, malaria treatment and ARVs for the many affected by the HIV/AIDS virus.

5) Healthy food to support healthy communities, improve immune systems and help people feel good.


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“I have so many incredible stories of amazing things God has done on our trips. I could write books. Our Ugandan family, The students, the mommas, the babies, the teachers…they have my heart.”

– Chandra Alisa

“Wando does a great job of making everyone they work with feel like family. After seeing the way the organization works with the people we serve, the heart for the people they serve is evident.”

– David Talley

In my four trips to Uganda, I have be able to see many Wando’s plans come to fruition – and I am sure there are more to come! Their love for the students and their families always inspires me.”

-Jan Aldrich

“I went on a trip with Wando to Uganda in 2014. I believe God sent me there for my precious Amina. I fell in love with that little girl the first time she ran up to me and held my hand. It is amazing to see the transformation. She looks so good and seems so happy now! I am looking forward to the next time I can go.”
-Reina Rios

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