Farming Field Trip For Uganda Orphanage

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Kids From Ugandan Babies Home Visit Local Farm

Time to roll up those sleeves!

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to take all 20 children from Wando International’s babies’ home on a field trip...to learn about farming!!

The invitation came from Chairman of Local Council in the Triangle Zone of Uganda, Mr. Damian Burigyeya.

The chairman invited the kids to come and learn first hand how to prep, plant and cultivate a local Uganda favorite, matoke.

Matoke is essentially a banana or plantain that is harvested green, steam-cooked and then mashed into a delicious meal.  It’s practically eaten every day by most households in Uganda, including the babies and mamas at our very own orphanage!

This time the kids got to actually experience farming matoke!

Ugandan Kids Learn How To Farm

First thing to learn:  Prepping the land!

This required all the old dried up stems to be dug up and removed to create a nice clean canvas of fresh soil.

The older children from the home like SarahImmatulate, and Pamela  took care of this by grabbing hold of the gardening tools and getting to work!  They made sure they worked as a team to get the land nice and ready for the little ones to plant new seeds.


Pamela showing that soil who’s boss.

Next Step:  Planting!!

Once the soil was good and ready our team of babies jumped in with a great big matoke plant.

The tree was as big as them, but that didn’t stop them from getting it firmly planted in the ground!

Even they were in awe of their work!


Babies plant their first matoke plant!

This field trip was an awesome opportunity for the kids at Wando’s orphanage, because they not only got to learn about farming but they learned the value of working together to accomplish a common objective.

They took the steps they needed to achieve their goal and formed teams based on their strengths!


Babies washing their feet after day at the farm!

It surely was a blessed day at the farm and Mr. Burigyeya even invited the kids to learn how to make candles for their next trip!

Wando International strongly believes in raising up our children to be loving, positive influences in the community.  That’s why we seize every opportunity to build personal relationships with its members.

To learn more about how we do this, check out this story here!

Uganda Orphanage Teaching Kids To Outreach 

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