Girl Rescued from Abusive Household in Slum

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Wando Int. Works with local Uganda Authorities to help Protect Children’s Safety

Child Abuse is a real danger especially present for children living in the slums.

November 11th, 2016 Wando International social workers were notified that a 4 year old girl named Taliru, living in the lower Navah slum of Njeru, had been physically abused.  Neighbors of the girl said they saw her walking strangely and when they asked her about it they realized that she had extreme swelling in lower abdomen and genital area.

The person who assaulted this little girl?  Taliru’s own stepmother.

Wando’s social workers immediately notified the authorities.  Taliru’s stepmother, Ayo, and the father were both taken into police custody.  Taliru was rushed to the Gadafi Military Police Clinic for medical examination and report filing and then later taken to the Christa Medical Center for treatment.  The results of the examination were both  disturbing and heartbreaking.


LC leader Josephine and Taliru.

Little Taliru has endured something no child should ever be put through.

Taliru has since been released from the hospital and put under the temporary care of Josephine, Njeru’s LC community leader.  Taliru’s 6 year old sister, Gift, who was also removed from the custody of the girls’ parents for safety reasons is under Josephine’s care as well.


Josephine, Taliru, and Gift.

The court hearing for Taliru’s stepmother began yesterday but was unfortunately delayed due to Ayo refusing to speak any language apart from Lugbara, which the court did not have an interpreter for at the time.

The hearing did resume back up today however with Ms. Ayo Topista being charged with aggravated torture of a minor.


Ayo being charged in court.

The judge determined that the Njeru court had no jurisdiction on this matter and that the case could only be tried by high court.  Ayo was then remanded to go to Bungugu Prison on the island of Lake Victoria in Buikwe until her next court hearing on December 1st.

Wando International’s case workers watched as Ayo was taken to Bungugu Prison in police custody.  Mr. Aluma George, Taliru’s father, was released from jail today on bail but has been ordered to report back on scheduled days.

Beautiful little girl rescued from abusive household.

Taliru and her sister are safe with Josephine for now, but it is still unknown where they will end up.  Wando is doing everything we can to ensure Taliru and Gift end up in a loving home together.  For now we continue to keep them in our prayers.


Sisters, Gift and Taliru.


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