Giving Tuesday Highlight: Stuart

Giving Tuesday Highlight: Stuart

Warning:  Appreciation Post!

Yes that’s right, we are officially JUST 1 WEEK AWAY from the BIGGEST GIVING EVENT happening worldwide, GIVING TUESDAY!!

Tuesday, November 28th people from all over are giving back to their local communities and charities, at home AND abroad.

Individuals, churches, community groups, and businesses are offering up their time, services, and pure kindness!  Along with all those kind acts, many are raising funds for their favorite organizations, so they can continue making a difference. 

At Wando International, we are incredibly THANKFUL to be a part of such a collective effort which impacts lives around the world.

To show our appreciation we thought it’d be a good time to highlight one individual who makes our work possible!

Today’s #GivingTuesday Shout Out Goes Out To STUART: Child Advocate!

STUART ALDRICH is not your typical Child Advocate.  This grandfather of three seems like just an average dude who loves to relax with football, a good beer, and a nice stogie.

And while that’s true, behind all that is a HUGE HEART for serving God and serving others.

Stuart has been involved with Wando International for about 3 years, when he and his wife were introduced to the organization by their daughter Abigail, lead pastor at Glendora Vineyard Church.

After his wife, Jan, took a solo trip to Uganda with Team Africa back in 2014, she returned PUMPED and shared with Stuart all the GOOD THINGS HAPPENING with the Primary School and Babies Home.

Stuart had dreams of traveling to serve in Uganda as well, but in the meantime decided to JUMP IN and GIVE BACK where he could.

Stuart Gives Back Through Child Advocacy.

Stuart began advocating for Primary Two student, NANGOBI.

He’s committed and consistent with his communications to Nangobi, writing letters once a month to nurture that relationship AND let her know she has a friend in him.

Stuart checks in with Nangobi’s case manager to see how her health is, how she’s doing in school, and how the home-life is for her family.

One day he got a letter from Nangobi’s case worker saying Nangobi had been sleeping on the ground, because the family had no mattress.

As Nangobi’s Child Advocate, Stuart felt it in his heart to do what was in his capacity, and so he provided the family with a mattress to sleep on.


Shortly after that Stuart made a commitment to become Nangobi’s sponsor at the school to ensure her education could continue.

He has stated several times that he wants to see her all the way through Primary and Secondary School, and possibly even college.

In 2015, Stuart finally had the opportunity to join Team Africa as a volunteer, and it was then that he got to meet Nangobi in person.

It was a blessing for Stuart to spend time with Nangobi and her family in their own home in Njeru.

He’s been back to Uganda to visit her again in 2016, and the BOND between him and little Nangobi is growing stronger and stronger.

It’s advocates like Stuart who not only help us continue our mission in Uganda EMPOWERING THE MOST VULNERABLE, but who also INSPIRE others to follow the same path.


We salute you Stuart for being a true Child Advocate!  Thank you for Giving Selflessly and being an inspiration to others.

To Become an Advocate like Stuart and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in a child’s life today, Visit CHILD ADVOCACY Program!

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In 2007, Elizabeth experienced a jarring shift going from serving self to serving others. She found her calling and started seeking opportunities to connect with different Non-Profit organizations that help their communities both locally and abroad. She got involved with local outreach as a mentor helping youth build self-confidence and find a more fulfilling life through service. She then traveled to Haiti on a mission to cultivate relationships with people experiencing extreme poverty and align herself with the organizations doing something to help. Her most valuable lesson learned was that relationships can and should always be Win/Win. Finding common ground and mutually beneficial opportunities is where she finds the real magic. In 2014 Elizabeth learned the story of Michelle Huo, founder of 501c3 organizations Urban Connection and Wando International. She saw that Michelle’s work was different in the way that it actually empowered others to shift the course of their lives. This resonated so deeply with Elizabeth that she joined Michelle in 2015 to help her achieve her vision. Elizabeth is now working to help students in third world countries like Uganda learn the skills that businesses and Non-Profit organizations around the world want and need. In demand skills like driving traffic, raising awareness, and converting leads. By strategically partnering these students with SMB and Non-Profit organizations, they become empowered to lift themselves out of poverty while organizations benefit from increased revenue generation. If you're interested in growing your SMB or Non-Profit organization while making a difference in the lives of others, call Elizabeth Lozano directly at (888) 926-3688 Ext. #703

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