Giving Tuesday Highlight: The Lopez Family

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Giving Tuesday Highlight: The Lopez Family

Time for a HERO SHOUT OUT!

This month is all about GIVING THANKS, right?!

Well we are giving thanks for the people making a difference in their community.

To the individuals who are giving selflessly at home in their local neighborhoods AND around the world!

With GIVING TUESDAY APPROACHING FAST, just two weeks away on November 28th, we are sharing stories of OUR personal heroes.

Today, our special #GivingTuesday shout out goes to the Lopez family!

DANIEL AND TIFFANY LOPEZ live in the Inland Empire of Southern California, raising their two beautiful daughters Isabella, 9, and Jewel, 5.

Daniel, 34, work as a firefighter with CAL FIRE.  You can find him answering the call of duty WHENEVER and WHEREVER needed.

Most recently Daniel was called to fight fires and evacuate families from the devastating Tubbs fire in Sonoma County.

Tiffany, 48, might be better known as Trixi The ClownTiffany has been entertaining children of all ages at parties as ‘Trixi’ for over 20 years now.

She is avid in ALL THINGS FUN, and is even fluent in American Sign language which helps her to connect with ANYONE looking to clown around.


The Lopez’s are extremely active in charity work and ministries that expand across the globe.

Daniel and Tiffany have focused on helping those experiencing the effects of extreme poverty, especially children who are vulnerable or who have been orphaned altogether.

Daniel has ran with Team World Vision For Clean Water in Uganda, and also helped raise funds for the causes of such organizations as Mercy Ships, Compassion International, and Smile Seekers.

The Lopez Family has even started a ministry to uplift the Homeless in their Riverside community.

They provide them with care packages, warm clothes, friendly conversation and referrals to get help if wanted.

Giving From The Heart

Our shout out goes to the Lopez Family because of their heart for giving AND for selfless service.

With twenty children being cared for at Wando’s Babies’ Home in Uganda, the needs can stack up quick.

Live-in Foster Mamas, housing, nutritious meals, medical care, and school for those old enough, are ALL run through sponsorships and donations.

When we mentioned a need for new baby and children’s clothes, Daniel and Tiffany reached out to help!

They blessed us with a significant contribution helping us to get NEW CLOTHES FOR ALL 20 CHILDREN at the orphanage.

We were overwhelmed with gratitude!

The Lopez’s informed us that they PRAY to one day spend at least 2-3 weeks in Uganda serving the orphanages through projects, medical needs, and just clowning around.

We HOPE that day comes soon enough, so we can invite them to Come Serve With Us in Uganda!

To our local heroes, the Lopez Family, we THANK YOU and appreciate ALL you do in the community.

You truly are making a GLOBAL IMPACT, everything the spirit of Giving Tuesday is all about.

To learn more about the Giving Tuesday movement and how to get involved, Visit #GivingTuesday.



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