Guardians of the Vulnerable

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Guardians of the Vulnerable

Protecting those who have no one.

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know that each of the children who live in our Uganda Babies’ Home have gut-wrenching stories.

They come from backgrounds of abuse, neglect, and sometimes altogether abandonment, leaving them orphaned with no one to protect them.

Each of the twenty children we care for have been brought to our home through different means.  Sometimes it’s by the authorities or by child protective services.  Sometimes it’s leaders of the community who make us aware of a vulnerable child in need.

And other times it’s when we come across children in the community who’ve been taken in by someone.  Someone who brings a desperate child into their home and cares for them as if they were their own.

It’s these times, we find the person protecting the child is vulnerable themselves.

And yet still, they put the needs of this child before their own, providing them with shelter, food, and love as best as they can.

This is exactly how we discovered our sweet girl, Pamela, almost 3 years ago.

Guardian Rescues Child

Pamela was just seven years old when we found her under the care of Manjeri, a widowed woman living in the slum  of Njeru, Uganda.

Manjeri had taken Pamela in when she discovered the little girl roaming through the area looking for food.

She was all alone and completely vulnerable to the dangers of her surroundings.

Pamela’s mother had been suffering from mental illness and unable to provide or watch over the home.  When Pamela’s father passed away she tried living with her aunt, but was eventually kicked out because her aunt’s husband didn’t want Pamela around.

So at 7 years old Pamela was left fending for herself in the slum.

If it wasn’t for Manjeri, Pamela would have been left to fend for herself searching for food and shelter.

Instead, this elderly widow who experiences extreme poverty herself, provided a safe-haven for her.

She cared for Pamela without question just long enough until someone in a better position to care for her came alongside to help.

It was then that Wando International discovered the desperate situation Manjeri and Pamela were in, and quickly guardianship of Pamela was transferred over to us.

Guardianship To Safety

Pamela was brought into our orphanage January 2015 and was immediately assessed for any physical, mental, and emotional trauma she may have experienced while wandering in the slums.

When she first arrived, Pamela was extremely shy and soft-spoken.  It took many months before she began to open up, but eventually her personality started to shine.

Now Pamela is attending primary school and can usually be found playing with her best friend and sister, Sarah, was also rescued into the home just a short time before Pamela was.  These two girls are nearly the same age, share similar stories, and are absolutely attached at the hip.

With regular outreaches into the community, Pamela still gets to visit and spend time with her once guardian Manjeri.

Manjeri is so GRATEFUL to see Pamela out of danger with her needs being met.

And yet, we can not say the same for Manjeri.  She still lives in the slum, and works very hard doing manual labor to support herself.

To help empower Manjeri we’ve enrolled her into our Bead Program, which has helped her gain new skills and a business to earn income through.

Manjeri gave SELFLESSLY to Pamela when she needed it, but now it’s her who is in NEED of support to escape the slum and reach safety.

Learn how YOU can get involved in Advocacy for Widows, and if you’d like to help this vulnerable woman Become an Advocate for Manjeri.

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