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Housing. It’s a basic necessity. We all need shelter to feel safe, protected, warm and rested. But where you live and what you call home depends heavily on where you live. And while we all deserve a clean, secure place to live, many who live in extreme poverty can’t worry about that – they need food and spend the day thinking about how they’ll get by. Consequently they end up living in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Our goal at Wando is to meet the physical needs of the widows and orphans we serve and then attend to their spiritual needs.

But what exactly do different incomes get you in Uganda? The market certainly isn’t like that of L.A. or New York, and luxury is relative, but after a survey of the many women beaders we support through our women beaders program, we’ve come to understand what varying incomes can get you in Uganda. We put each woman into one of three categories: needy, middle and high earners.

This is by no means all encompassing, but we put it together to show you what a difference your partnership could make to a woman in need of a business partner. You partnership can lift a needy woman out of poverty and help her establish a cleaner, more stable home, while also sending her children to school and meeting additional needs.

Needy or low income earners live in abysmal conditions and are just eking by. They struggle to make ends meet and typically spend their money on basic family needs. Oftentimes they’re stuck doing this by themselves and lack the support of friends and family members. This makes life seem ever harder and darker.

Middle income earners typically have small businesses and family members who support them. While the homes are semi-permanent, you’ll notice they’re cleaner and much more stable.

High income earners tend to have husbands who also work, along with successful, large businesses. These women live in beautiful homes by most standards and don’t want for much. Additionally, you’ll notice they have cards, TVs and nicely tiled interior floors. Their homes are much like what you would find in the western part of the world.





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