Here’s Why You Should Become a Child Advocate

//Here’s Why You Should Become a Child Advocate

Child advocacy is one of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to make a difference in the lives of the children we serve in Uganda. We work with community leaders to identify and then help families who are among the poorest in the world, orphans and widows. We do it because we know the power of loving others and equipping families with the tools needed to survive. We support them spiritually, vocationally and emotionally.

One of the main ways we offer support is through our child advocacy program, which allows you to choose a child to advocate for.

As an advocate you’ll:

  • Send letters and pictures
  • Get updates on your child’s school, health and family situations
  • Have the opportunity to encourage your child on a regular basis

So, why should you advocate? Here are a few reasons:

  • Advocacy is completely free. The only commitment required is the time is takes to email a few times a month with your child.
  • You learn about other cultures!
  • You’re given the unique opportunity to change a child’s life.
  • In addition to forming a relationship with your child, you’ll also understand what their family’s situation is and be able to pray for them on a regular basis
  • Studies have shown that helping others will boost your happiness and can even help with depression and anxiety

Signing up to advocate is simple. Choose the child you wish to advocate for, fill out our quick form and then wait a day or two for approval by our Advocacy Director.


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