How Advocating Can Impact A Life

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How Advocating Can Impact A Life

Mother in desperate need aided by caring advocate.

You hear us talking a lot about advocacy here at Wando International, but what exactly does that mean?

Advocacy, in its essence, is simply acting on the behalf of someone who is need and doing whatever is in our power to help. The beauty of this is that ‘advocating’ can actually take on many forms!

It may be sending words of encouragement to let someone know they’re worthy and cared for. It could be contributing to a child’s education so they actually have a chance at getting themselves out of the slum some day. It could just be sharing the story of the woman who made the jewelry you’re wearing the next time someone comments on how beautiful it is.

Any time you use your voice, influence, or resources to help someone in need, YOU ARE ADVOCATING!

Advocate Helps Mother and Son in Uganda

Our most recent story of how advocating can impact a life starts with a mother desperate to get her son medical attention.

Achan Betty is a single mother trying to raise her 2 boys, both of which have epilepsy. She is doing her best to raise them, but the fact remains that they are still just trying to survive living in extreme poverty.

Simon, Betty’s oldest son, luckily has a milder case of epilepsy and manages his symptoms fairly well. He’s even one of the best performing students at Wando’s Primary School in the slum.

Betty’s other son, Nelson, suffers from a much more severe case of epilepsy though, and on top of that recently became very ill. He had been suffering with an extremely high fever for nearly 2 weeks without any help. Betty sat there helpless, desperate to take her son to the hospital, knowing she couldn’t afford the fees.

Betty and her two boys were in immediate need of an advocate.

Wando Intl. shared this story with others until finally that special person came forward.

Someone simply asked, “What could I do to help?”

A Life Impacted

From that point forward it didn’t take long before this person was in touch with our case case managers on the ground in Uganda. They found out what it would cost to take Nelson to the hospital, and realized it was easily within their means to cover the expense.

This person, now advocate, provided Betty with the means to take her extremely ill son to get medical attention. We found out that Nelson had been suffering with malaria, a viral infection, and a chest cold that whole time without any treatment.

If it wasn’t for an advocate acting on behalf of this family, who knows what would have happened to Nelson?


Thankfully, Nelson is doing much better now and coming back to life. He is resting well back at home, and Betty is truly grateful for that person who came forward to help.

This story is just an example of one advocate doing what they can to help fill an immediate need. The opportunity to help this family further still remains!

Our goal is to first see this family get out of survival mode and become stable.

To do what YOU can to help:





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