During the 25 years that northern Uganda was torn apart by bloody war and devastating famine, nearly two million Ugandans were displaced and housed in IDP (Internally Displaced Person) camps. In fact, in some areas, over 90% of the population was housed in IDP camps.

During this time, the Ugandan people were disconnected from their heritage, and forced to live in deplorable, vile conditions rampant with disease and malnutrition. Entire generations grew up in this reality, and became entirely dependent on foreign aid, losing all agricultural knowledge that had previously been passed down for generations.

Now they are returning home at the close of the war, and although Uganda as a whole shows signs of economic growth, 80% of its economy still relies on agricultural practices, the likes of which these former IDP camp dwellers know nothing about.

Today these families live in decrepit shacks, practicing sustenance farming, which typically only provides enough for families to squeeze by without completely starving to death.

WANDO International wants to help these people do more than just survive, we want to help them thrive by arming them with the agricultural know-how, high quality seeds, and )equipment necessary to begin large scale farming operations so that for the first time in their lives they can experience a surplus of food and contribute to Uganda’s economy as a whole.

With your support, donations, and volunteering you will be help to rebuild the foundation of Uganda’s agricultural economy, and put the power back into the people’s hands, creating a sustainable trade and living option for generations of families to come.