Education is what provides Ugandans with the ability to escape the throws of poverty. With education comes the ability for a self-sustaining life, a higher-paying job, overall social reform, and a strong developing workforce.

In countries like Uganda, even the public schools cost money. The cost isn’t very high by those standards of the United States and other developed countries – about $350 a year provides children with a great education and the opportunity to continue said education once they reach college age. However, when kids grow up in extreme poverty – like 51% of Ugandans do– on only $1.25 per day, , that $350 a year for education is nearly impossible to obtain..It’s especially difficult when finding clean water, nutritious food, and shelter is the biggest challenge most Ugandans will face and struggle with their entire lives.

WANDO International wants to create a better( foundation for the children of Uganda, by providing a solid education for as many of them as we can. With this education, children will be able to enter adulthood as affluent, knowledgeable men and women Men and women who will impact the work force, have affluent families of their own, and end the cycle of desperation so prominent in the country.

By supporting WANDO International, you’re helping put children through school and create new school houses. You’re not only helping change the individual lives of these children, launching them down a more secure path, you will be aiding the future of an entire country’s development.