It’s true that WANDO International’s orphanage in Jinja, Uganda is a wonderful, warm, inspirational home for many children, but that’s not all. Through our orphanage, we are able to offer low-cost medical services to the surrounding community, including the slums.

Our medical team offers a large variety of necessary services including the following: immunizations, HIV testing, preventative treatments, malaria treatment, and care for the wounded. Not only that, but our medical professionals seek to boost the self-esteem of those visiting our clinic by treating them as valuable individuals – not just poverty-stricken numbers.

By supporting WANDO International, you’re supporting the basic health care of people in the second largest city in Uganda. In a place where, without access to basic medical services, the simplest scratch or bacterial infection can kill, you will be saving hundreds of lives with your support.

– Serve in The Medical Field: If you are a medical professional interested in contributing to the efforts of WANDO International and the safety of Ugandans, we welcome you to join our team of expert medical professionals. You will be a part of helping thousands of people in desperate need of care alongside a dedicated and diverse staff. You will journey straight into the slums of Jinja to help with community outreach, family planning, HIV prevention, and public health classes on everything from hygiene to malaria. Join us now and start changing lives, perhaps even your own.