Uganda being such a male-driven society, widows are often cast out and shunned by other people. They are typically refused jobs, and usually have no vocational skills to speak of. Because of this, many women resort to prostitution just to make some kind of ends meet, pay back debts, and keep themselves alive.

WANDO International seeks to empower these women, give them a voice, and provide them with the skills and opportunities to become self-sustaining by making their own money without selling their bodies.

When you donate to WANDO International, you are helping women reshape their roles in society as strong, able-bodied women. You are helping them obtain independence and livelihood while enabling them to become of great worth to the society they live in. With your help, we can teach women how to make and sell jewelry, provide care-giver jobs to orphans, aid them in obtaining respectable cleaning positions, and allow them to live a life above the extreme poverty level.