International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

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Imagine a World Without Poverty

In December of 1992, the United Nations General Assembly officially proclaimed October 17th to be International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

This day has been significant in the hearts and minds of people around the world for over 20 years.  The movement began in Paris back in 1987, when over 100,000 people came together to honor those affected by extreme poverty and hunger around the world.  Since then, people have been gathering each year to shed light on this ongoing problem and to work together to help end it.

Wando International is a nonprofit organization that, too, seeks to end the cycle of poverty in developing countries around the world.

Wando International has been working to make an impact in the lives of the most vulnerable since 2013.  We do this by concentrating our efforts on 5 basic things:

1) Agricultural training to equip the community with the knowledge needed for sustainable and successful farming.

2) Educational opportunities for widows and orphans living in rural and urban communities.

3) Vocational training to equip women to support themselves and their children.

4) Access to basic healthcare, like vaccines, malaria treatment and ARVs for the many affected by the HIV/AIDS virus.

5) Healthy food programs to support healthy communities.

Today, we honor those around the world who do not have the basic necessities of a normal life afforded to them.  Our mission is to continue in our efforts to see that one day we do live in a world without poverty.  To learn more about our initiatives to accomplish this vision go to www.wandointernational.org/our-projects and join the cause!

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About the Author:

For over 10 years Elizabeth has dedicated herself to serving others getting involved with outreach in her local community as well as international volunteer work in Haiti. In 2014 she learned of Michelle Huo’s work with Wando International to empower vulnerable women and children to shift the course of their lives. After taking her first trip to visit Wando’s projects in Uganda Elizabeth joined Michelle in 2015 to help her achieve her vision. Now Elizabeth is working to help students in third world countries like Uganda learn the skills that businesses and Non-Profits around the world want and need. By strategically partnering these students with SMB and Non-Profit organizations, they become empowered to lift themselves out of poverty while organizations benefit from increased revenue generation.

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